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Was Brexit a Billionaire Press Lord's Betrayal of Britain?

Jan 30, 2017 at 12:40 pm by mikewood

brexit billionaire sun betrayal of britain rise of propagandist press

Brexit: Betrayal of Britain by a Billionaire Press Lord?

Is Murdoch about to Reap a $2.5 Billion Brexit Profit & Tighten his Grip on Britain?

January 30, 2017 / New York City / Murdoch Media Madness / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.

I stumbled across a news item over the weekend, that led me back down the dirty trail of billionaire media mogul and global propagandist, Keith Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch NYC Media - NY Post, Fox News, WSJ, WNYW TV & WWOR TV

fox news propaganda ny post propaganda wsj propaganda nycI believe this is an important issue that is, or eventually will be, of great concern to our readers. The reason New Yorkers should be concerned is because City Keith Rupert Murdoch controls the following NYC media: Fox TV Network, two local NYC TV stations - WNYW Channel 5 and WWOR Channel 9 - the Wall Street Journal and the NY Post.

Hence Murdoch has a dominant share of local NYC media and oftentimes appears to use it propagandistically to pick politicians who will help him enhance his corporate profits - oftentimes at the expense of the public.

Murdoch also controls some other American media properties including the National Geographic and book publisher, Harper Collins - but for the purposes of this report, these media outlets are less material.

Murdoch & Corruption? NY Post & Fox appear to be used as Propaganda Outlets

I began taking notice of Rupert Murdoch's manipulative media methods in April 2016 when his NY Post started relentlessly slamming Mayor de Blasio on what at the time appeared to be based purely allegations and innuendo. Murdoch's Fox News seemed to add to some of the media thrashing. In doing the first story where I recanted some of as Murdoch's propagandistic methods, I found all sorts of other information that indicated that Media Mogul Murdoch might possibly be more corrupt than many of the politicians skewered by his tabloid print and broadcast outlets.

Was Brexit Used to Replace Cameron to Renew Sky TV Bid?

Around this same time as the NY Post was hazing Mayor de Blasio, the British referendum on whether to stay or exit the European Union [aka Brexit] was coming to a head. I couldn't resist watching Murdoch's manipulative media operations swing into action to sway that vote - as I hypothesized at the time - that he was using the referendum to discredit and replace British Prime Minister David Cameron, so Murdoch could resume his aborted effort to acquire the rest of the British Sky TV satellite network that he didn't already own.

fox propaganda news fox nyc propagandaThe British Sky TV merger was aborted in July 2011 because Murdoch's organization was caught illegally hacking thousands of people's phones in Britain, in order to publicize their private lives, in the interest of macabre headlines and gossipy broadcasts.

Cameron's Press Secretary, Coulson, a former Murdoch employee, was one of the people accused in the hacking scandal. And the office of the person appointed to oversee the Murdoch B Sky B merger, Jeremy Hunt, was found to have broken protocol by surreptitiously communicating with Murdoch's organization through an intermediary during the regulatory oversight hearings.

Murdoch periodically publicly asserts that his political press patronage is not related to all the goodies he appears to collect shortly after his candidates win. But quite frankly, having done quite a lot of research, I find that close to impossible to believe after sifting through a four decades long pattern of highly beneficial circumtances that ended in Murdoch's favor - click here to read our report on possible Murdoch corruption - featuring Newscorp, 20th Century Fox, Fox News, the NY Post and the Sun.

Murdoch, NOT A BRITISH CITIZEN, Controls Largest Concentration of Media in Britain

Keith Rupert Murdoch is NOT A BRITISH CITIZEN, and yet he controls two of Britain's largest daily newspapers - the [London] Times and the Sun; and two of its largest weekend papers - the Sunday Times and the Sun on Sunday. Murdoch's organization also holds a 39% share in Sky TV, which is Britain's largest pay satellite TV provider, and has substantial mobile phone and internet service shares of the British market.

Today, nearly a year after the whole Brexit drama began, British Prime Minister David Cameron lost the Brexit vote and his job. And less than six months after the new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has taken office; Murdoch's 21st Century Fox has come back to fetch the rest of its prey. Murdoch re-opened the bid for the rest of Sky Broadcasting in early December of 2016. And Murdoch's organization reportedly may reap a $2.5 billion gain versus pre-Brexit economics.

Global Deceptions - Propaganda for Profit & the Bigger Billionaire Picture

I see Murdoch's role in the Brexit vote and current bid to acquire the rest of Sky to be very much related. What follows is a timeline along with some commentary to provide insights into what appear to be possible motives and the driving force behind the Brexit referendum. I hope this will help readers become more aware of the bigger picture - a global media billionaire, invisibly directing and stage managing events on a national and international scale, to get what he wants, regardless of the price the public must pay for it. I know this sounds harsh, but that is exactly what Hitler did and everyone - even Hitler's supporters - paid dearly for it.

Murdoch appears to be using his media outlets as propaganda-for-profit money machines. And he appears to hide in plain sight, behind his branded media curtains, while manipulating a kaleidoscope of menacing politicians and pathetic public policies, in order to further enrich and empower himself.

The laws of physics state that energy and matter are never lost, only transformed, and for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. These are laws that cannot be rewritten by Mr. Murdoch.

So with that happy thought, click here to read the rest of our report entitled - Was Brexit a Betrayal of Britain by a Billionaire Press Lord?

Brexit: Betrayal of Britain by a Billionaire Press Lord?

Is Murdoch about to Reap a $2.5 Billion Brexit Profit & Tighten his Grip on Britain?

January 30, 2017 / New York City / Murdoch Media Madness / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.

Propaganda is the Game & Murdoch is the Name

August 30 - September 4, 2009. Murdoch meets with Jeremy Hunt, friend of the soon-to-be British Prime Minister David Cameron, prior to Cameron making a run for British Prime Minister in 2010.

May 2010. Murdoch backs Cameron's run for Prime Minister, and Cameron wins.

sun uk propaganda rag london times propaganda?  sky propaganda murdoch bid brexitJune 2010. A month after Cameron becomes Prime Minister, Murdoch announces bid to acquire the remainder of British Sky Broadcasting shares. B Sky B is Britain's largest pay TV operation and today has substantial market shares of the British telecommunications market including internet and mobile phone service.

Murdoch is NOT a British citizen and yet controls Britain's largest media company. In Australia, where he is also NOT a citizen, he controls a near monopoly share of papers and a outsized lion's share of Australia's broadcast / internet / phone services.

September & December 2010. The New York Times and Bloomberg, both American media outlets, report on Scotland Yard's failure to properly investigate Murdoch organization phone hacking allegations. The investigation had previously been looked into and subsequently shut down.

January 2011. Scotland Yard, reopens the case, 'citing new evidence'.

July 2011. Law enforcement officials step down and resign. The reports,

"Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, the highest-ranking U.K. police official, steps down, following the police-bribery allegations and revelations that he had hired Neil Wallis [former Murdoch organization employee] as a communications consultant. Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner John Yates, who made the decision not to reopen the phone-hacking investigation in 2009, resigns."

Murdoch's Newscorp withdraws its bid for B Sky Broadcasting after there's a huge public outcry in response to allegations of Murdoch's organization hack thousands of phones, including that of a mother of a murdered child, to use for their smutty headlines & macabre broadcasts.

Click here for a more full report about what appear to be the nefarious activities of Rupert Murdoch, Newscorp, 20th Century Fox, Fox News, the Sun, News of the World, B Sky B and the rise of the propagandist press.

2011 - 2016. Cameron likely kept the brakes on re-initiation of Murdoch's bid to acquire the rest of Sky TV since the hacking scandal, because of the huge uproar when the public found out that the office of Jeremy Hunt - which was responsible for overseeing the Murdoch / Sky merger - was reportedly in direct email communications with Murdoch through a third party. See more about this in a prior report on the NY Post & Fox News Propaganda Machines?

The Propaganda Fox ... Starts Making His Plans?

murdochs newscorp is a propaganda machine in britain australia & u.s.January 2013. Boris Johnson reportedly dines with Rupert Murdoch for second time in six months. On January 26, 2013, the Guardian reports,

"Rupert Murdoch invited Boris Johnson to a private dinner at his Mayfair home on a recent visit by the tycoon to London, the latest sign of growing intimacy between the media mogul recovering from the phone-hacking storm and the mayor of London - seen as a long-term rival to David Cameron."

Johnson is considered to be a contender for Prime Minister - but perhaps more importantly - the Guardian tells us that Johnson, who was Mayor of London at the time,

"... has ultimate, but not operational, responsibilty for the Metropolitan Police, the force investigating phone hacking by Murdoch's News of the World and alleged corrupt payments made by Sun journalists. Last week, the paper's defence editor, Virginia Wheeler, was charged with causing misconduct in public office, with prosecutors claiming she paid a Met police officer £6,450 for sensitive information."

2013 - 2014. Murdoch reportedly has dinner with Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP [United Kingdom Independence Party], at one of Murdoch's homes in March 2013. The happy couple meet again while Farage is visiting the Fox Network in September of 2014. Nigel is an advocate of Brexit, and Murdoch appears to think Farage may be of use to him.

2015. The election of 2015 ends with the good people of Farage's election district deciding to not to send him back to London and instead give Farage an indefinite vacation leave without pay.

May 30, 2015. According to a Daily Mail U.K. report on May 30, 2015,

"In a spectacular U-turn, media mogul Rupert Murdoch has abandoned his plan to campaign for Britain to withdraw from the EU. He has decided that Britain is better off staying in Europe and that to quit would be a 'major risk.' The move is a huge boost to David Cameron as he bids to persuade the public to vote 'Yes' in a referendum to take place before the end of 2017 on whether Britain should maintain its ties with Brussels."

david cameron deceived by newscorp propagandist murdochCameron appears to have been suckered in by one of the multiple big lies told by one of the most successful global propagandists, and thus Cameron advances the time frame for the Brexit referendum by years. Former Prime Minister Tony Blair fell prey to taking bad advice from the same deceitful propagandist when he took Britain into the War in Iraq on phony allegations that Sadam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

Murdoch - British National Stage Manager & Political / Government Autocrat?

2015 - 2016. Nigel Farage aggressively pushes for a referendum on BREXIT, pressuring Cameron to act more quickly on the issue than Cameron appears to want.

This may be a lesson for Prime Minister Theresa May - or I'll have to go out and buy another Dunce Cap. And the lesson is to always question the source - meaning who is behind those who pressure you to do something you're not inclined to do based on your own instincts.

A reporter for the Evening Standard, and recently announced Fox commentator, Anthony Hilton, provides us with a bit of insight into Murdoch's motives in supporting the Brexiter politicians. Hilton is quoted on February 25, 2016 as saying,

"I once asked Rupert Murdoch why he was so opposed to the European Unin. "That's easy." He replied, "When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice."

February 19, 2016. Here's what Murdoch tweeted about Michael Gove when Gove came out in favor of leaving the European Union.

"Congratulations Michael Gove. Friends always knew his principles would overcome his personal friendships."

Isn't Gove a true patriot? God Save the Queen.

brexit billionaire betrayal of britainFebruary 20, 2016. Prime Minister Cameron announces there will be a European Union referendum allowing the people to directly decide on whether Britain should stay or exit the European Union. While supporting 'stay' was leading nicely in the polls at the time of Cameron's announcement, Cameron sets himself up for a possible job loss, if the referendum Brexiters win.

Two of Murdoch's favored British politicians are Michael Gove and Boris Johnson. Michael Gove is also reportedly a friend of Cameron's, but Gove supports Brexit [see Tweet above]. Boris Johnson in prior years had made statements supporting staying in the European Union, but appears to have flip flopped on the issue having also positioned himself as a Eurosceptic. Johnson was reported to be conflicted, but came out against Brexit, just AFTER Cameron made the referendum announcement.

Some believe Johnson betrayed Britain and Cameron to further his own career, as pundits speculated that Johnson aspired to be Cameron's successor if the referendum failed. Many pundits accuse Murdoch of being the British king maker. And he has has been accused of the same in Australia for decades. Increasingly Murdoch seems to be using his manipulative media muscle in the United States to propagandistically promote and disparage presidents, governors and mayors.

English Appeasement? Some Murdochian Methods Mirror Hitler's

February 2016. Murdoch reportedly takes no position on Brexit, but praises Michael Gove for his? The Independent in the U.K. reported Murdoch's congratulatory tweet cited above on February 20, 2016; and then added this bit of [sorry] stupidity at the end of the story.

"Mr Murdoch has not yet revealed his own stance on an EU exit."

Apparently some of the knuckleheads in the British press helped enable Murdoch to continue his deception for quite a long while. Churchill wrote a book in 1938 entitled, While England Slept, about how Britain was so slow to react to Hitler's military build up in Nazi Germany in the 1930's. Modern day analogies, of the same sort of reluctance to face facts by the British politicians and people could be made today. The analogy would be to compare Murdoch's media mergers power grab, to Hitler's military invasions of other nations. And to compare the policy of appeasement to Murdoch by British pols; to Neville Chamberlain's concessions to Hitler in the 1938 Munich Agreement.

sun reports queen backs brexit newscorp sun propaganda in britainMay 2016. Keith Rupert Murdoch's foreign-owned Sun newspaper, the largest daily in Britain, releases an unsubstantiated report that the Queens backs BREXIT. The Queens denies she ever spoke to anyone in Murdoch's organization about it, as she is legally barred from taking positions about public affairs.

Murdoch's organization refuses to substantiate the story with a real source, hiding behind its press credentials. The Queen is largely restricted from firing back because of a decades to centuries old gag order on royalty with respect to matters of public concern.

Shouldn't Cameron and Scotland Yard have investigated the possibility that Murdoch's hires were back to hacking again?

Was this a billionaire foreigner's propagandistic betrayal of Britain? Did Murdoch use his manipulative media machine to deceive Brits so they would betray themselves, their country and their children - and vote for the interests of a multi-billionaire, propagandist, foreigner instead of their own?

June 13, 2016. Murdoch's Sun appears to stick the final dagger in Cameron's back. Less than two weeks before the BREXIT vote, Murdoch's Sun which had played coy through the early months of the campaigning, drops a bombshell telling its readers to BELEAVE - to vote against staying in the European Union.

Ultimately, did Sun readers vote against their own economic and social interests? Data six months out indicates that the Brexit decision may not have been in Britain's best interests. But what about the best interests of the foreigner billionaire media mogul Murdoch who told the British working class how to vote? Keep reading to see how Murdoch might 'serendipitously' profit.

Was the Brexit Vote a Betrayal of Britain by a Billionaire Foreign Propagandist?

It's worth pointing out that whoever coined the name, BREXIT, termed it in favor of exiting the European Union - and words have great power.

Was the author of this term a Murdoch politician, a Murdoch organization propagandist, Murdoch at all, or Murdoch himself? Murdoch continually denies that he meddles much with the content distributed by his media outlets, but Murdoch's statements appear at odds with numerous other independent reports made over four decades.

Click here for what appear to be a string of highly coincidental occurrences of Murdoch supported pols winning election and Murdoch's organization appearing to benefit through regulatory changes and / or oversight / legislative changes made during the newly electeds' administrations [Murdoch corruption, quid pro quo, Newscorp, Fox News, NY Post, the Sun, WSJ?].

Brexit Passes, Cameron Falls, Two Contenders for Top Spot are Murdoch's Men?

sun supports brexit vote sun says queens supports brexit voteJune 23, 2016. Brexit referendum vote is made. Cameron loses and steps down. Johnson and Gove listed among the top names in contention.

Murdoch Calls Brexit Vote "Wonderful"

British Audiences of Murdoch's Sun, Times & Sky Need to Start Asking 'Wonderful' for Who?

June 28, 2016. The Guardian reports,

"Rupert Murdoch has called Britain's vote to leave the EU "wonderful" ... the owner of newspapers including the Times, Sun and Wall Street Journal [Editor's Note: and a controlling stake in [British] Sky [Broadcasting] TV / communications] said leaving the EU was like a "prison break ... we're out" and suggested that a UK-US trade deal wouldn't take long to negotiate."

July 3, 2016. In a Tweet by singer Lily Allen, Murdoch and Farage are reportedly seen together at a Garden Party. Relaxing or scheming?

July 11, 2016. After quite a bit of maneuvering, Theresa May edges out Gove, who edged out Johnson, for Prime Minister.

Johnson was first thought to be a shoo-in to be the next Prime Minister since he was the most prominent populist politician leading Brexiters. But when it looked like Johnson was going to fail, Michael Gove upstaged him.

Note that both of these chaps are reportedly Murdoch favored politicians, who appear to have worked to undermine Cameron, with something to gain for themselves.

Murdoch: Propaganda for Fun & Profit?

December 9, 2016. Six months after David Cameron 'steps down' - Murdoch begins a second bid to acquire the remaining 61% shares of Sky TV that Murdoch does not already control.

Quelle surprise!

David Cameron is no longer in a position to stall the move. The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, doesn't have the political baggage associated with what appeared to be a corrupt / rigged review of the merger by Cameron in 2011. May is in the position of deciding, like Margaret Thatcher was with Murdoch's acquisition of the Times, whether or not the merger needs to be reviewed by Ofcom, which is the regulatory body that oversees such acquisitions.

BINGO? Propagandist Murdoch may net $2.5 Billion Brexit Windfall

fox news propagandist ploy by sun & murdoch bid for sky broadcasting britain

Murdoch is the name and propaganda for profit is the game? According to a December 12, 2016 report in the Guardian,


"The acquisition of Sky by Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox is costing the media mogul about $2.5bn (£2bn) less than it would have before the Brexit vote that was backed by the majority of the tycoon's newspapers."


"The plunge in the value of sterling over the last six months means the US company is paying [less] ... However, since the vote sterling has fallen from about $1.48 to under $1.26, meaning if Fox had made the same £10.75 per share offer on the day of the referendum, it would have cost in the region of $16.6bn - close to $2.5bn more."




Puppet Governments?

Have the Australian People Lost Control of their Ability to Freely Choose their Leaders?

fox news propagandist ploy by sun & murdoch bid for sky broadcasting britainMurdoch has controlling interest in the Times, the Sun and Sky broadcasting in Britain. In Australia he reportedly controls approximately two thirds of the daily newspapers and a dominant share of broadcast. In Australia Murdoch appears to run consecutive strings of puppet governments who appear to repeal, re-write or weaken media laws / regulations, and whose tax code changes oftentimes appear to favor Keith Rupert Murdoch.

In Australia the notion of that nation as a democracy has become so ridiculous that even one of the most recent Australian Prime Ministers [2013 - 2015], Tony Abbott, was a former Murdoch employee.

Abbott's sycophantic praise of former boss Murdoch is right out of a Charlie Chaplin or 1940's gangster satire.

I found this headline in a July 16, 2014 report in the Sydney Morning Herald [SMH].

"Tony Abbott praises The Australian as Rupert Murdoch's 'gift to our nation' "

The SMH headline seems to capture the slavish, puppet-like relationship that the former Australian Prime Minister [Tony Abbott] and former staffer had with his former boss [Murdoch].

Click to this report to see how selfless Murdoch's media outlets appear to be - Murdoch's mass media outlets seem to help politicians get elected and subsequently Murdoch's Newscorp & 20th Century Fox seem to benefit from regulatory and legislative changes overseen or initiated by the newly electeds' administrations.


Is Murdoch Covering His Tracks?

Will Spineless British Pols or Willfully Ignorant & Inactive British Public Wake up & Demand Regulatory Review and ... do What's Right for Themselves, Their Nation & Their Children?

fox news propagandist ploy by sun & murdoch bid for sky broadcasting britainAccording to a July 7, 2016 report in the Huffington Post, an Independent reporter noticed that Murdoch's Sun, the largest daily in Britain, appeared to be sanitizing the Murdoch / Sun public record of its role in punishing officials who bravely opposed the Murdoch organization's promotion of the war in Iraq.

The Iraq War was vehemently endorsed by billionaire media mogul Keith Rupert Murdoch's organization, whose media properties on three continents beat the drum to go to war. Murdoch's bottom line appeared to have benefitted from the high interest ratings [higher ratings = more money] and low cost programming [a war is paid for by the public not the organizations covering it] reality TV event. The New York Times ran a piece on Murdoch's zeal for the war entitled 'Mr. Murdoch's War'.

In America, both of Murdoch's top Fox commentators Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity appeared to serve as Murdoch mouthpieces as they seemed to propagandistically pound the patriotism theme, while promoting the notion of having other people's fathers, sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, cousins, friends, and children risk their lives to fight 'Mr. Murdoch's War'.

George Orwell, BBC reporter and author of 1984 and Animal Farm, provided us with some insight into who promotes wars, versus who fights them [see graphic below right].


If Britain Allows Murdoch to Acquire the rest of Sky, Will Britain have Fallen?

QUESTIONS FOR BRITISH POLS & PEOPLE. My question, as an American, is if the Sky acquisition needed to go through the Ofcom regulatory review in 2011, why wouldn't it need to go through regulatory review today? Especially in light of Murdoch's 2014 acquisition of related satellite TV operations in Europe, and the Murdoch organization phone hacking scandal which derailed the proceedings in 2011?

fox news propagandist ploy by sun & murdoch bid for sky broadcasting britainAnd it has now been proven in a court of law that Murdoch's organization did engage in illegal phone hacking and the bribing of elected officials. So does it really make sense to turn over control of one of the nation's largest internet and phone service providers to an organization known for illegally violating people's telecom privacy in order to publicize their victims' personal lives for headlines and profit? Couldn't Sky be used to obtain people's private information, possibly legally [after Murdoch has his puppets re-write the laws]?

And lastly, Rupert Murdoch and 21st Century Fox are FOREIGN OWNED operations. Does it make sense to enable the largest holder of media outlets in your nation, to again increase their share of voice to near monopolistic proportions?

Doesn't this seem like a particularly idiotic decision, given the man / entity in question, repeatedly appears to use media outlets as propaganda machines to promote and punish politicians and win public policy elections - like Brexit? Referendums that favor private interests at the expense of the public interest?

Wake up Britain - this is NOT YOUR FINEST HOUR. Take a look at what Murdoch appears to be doing in Australia to see what the future looks like. Australia appears to have lost their standing as a nation of laws - at least when it comes to the media - and lost their ability to freely choose their leaders without foreign interference [aka Keith Rupert Murdoch].

Update - January 20, 2017. Nigel Farage of the UKIP, one of the leaders advocating for Brexit, is given a commentator position at Fox 'News'. Was this an income stream reward by Murdoch for Farage's role in lobbying for the early vote on the Brexit referendum - and then campaigning for it? Was it a coincidence that both Farage efforts appear to have worked in Murdoch's favor? Perhaps that's why the people in his district did not re-elect him.

Billionaire Big Picture - Propaganda for Profit?

Was Cameron 'removed' by Murdoch through a series of stage managed events, supported by the propagandist's press?

Were the following a series of lucky [for Murdoch] coincidences, or a well executed propaganda-supported plan including:

  1. the pressuring for an early Brexit vote by Murdoch's new buddy Farage,
  2. the subsequent challenges to Cameron's 'STAY' position by pols from Cameron's own party (who had previously relations with Murdoch including Farage, Gove & Johnson), supported by Murdoch's media outlets, and
  3. Murdoch's second FLIP FLOP - switching from supporting STAY announced a year earlier - to supporting LEAVE, and
  4. the nearly perfect timing of the re-opening of the Sky merger effort following Brexit victory over Cameron, which provides Murdoch's organization with an estimated $2.5 billion currency windfall.

fox news propagandist ploy by sun & murdoch bid for sky broadcasting britainThe last coincidence is notable, as Murdoch's push to take full control of one of Britain's largest and most influential communications systems is being made by a foreigner [Murdoch] - whose company only five years ago allegedly [and some found guilty] hacked thousands of British phones - including the DISRESPECTFUL HACKING OF THE RECORDS OF A SITTING BRITISH PRIME MINISTER and the phone of a mother of a recently murdered daughter. PAY ATTENTION HILLARY & AMERICA.

How can the British pols justify any such merger - except by admitting that they are prioritizing their fear of losing their positions to a hostile propagandist press lord over fulfilling their commitment to representing the interests of their own constituency?

And how can the British people be so damned ignorant and complacent as to allow their elected officials to pass on such a merger, after the hacing scandal, is beyond all reason.

There's NOTHING GREAT about a BRITAIN that is so timid, so weak-willed, and so lacking in courage to do the right thing for themselves, their nation and their children. I'm sure Winston Churchill, King Arthur and most of the brave folks in between, would be ashamed to see how far England has fallen. Anglo-Irish political philosopher Edmund Burke, speaking in the 18th century, is reported to have expressed the following sentiment [shown in the graphic above right],

"All that is required for evil to triumph is for enough good men to do nothing."

A Complacent Press & an Ignorant Public?

fox news propagandist ploy by sun & murdoch bid for sky broadcasting britainMost of the British reports about Murdoch I've read or viewed since beginning my research about nine months ago, almost invariably seem to underestimate what the Murdoch man is capable of, and how much longer he may be running his corporations.

Murdoch's mother lived until age 103, and Rupert is only 85 [born March 1931]. He continues to travel the globe, he appears to be fairly fit as he attends awards ceremonies and parties, and he just married a woman decades his junior, so I wouldn't count him out of the game anytime soon.

Underestimating him, counting him out long before he is, is exactly what he wants you to do. He did that in 2011, when everyone announced that it was over for him. He lulled the reporters and the public into a sense of complacency, and only years later, the Lord VoldeMurdoch, strikes again.


Like Adolph Hitler in Germany in the first half of the 20th century, Rupert Murdoch appears to insidiously strengthen his grip on the legal and government apparatus of several nations (Australia, Britain and America) by using the insidiously, incredible power of a propaganda press. His organization and he himself seem to periodically mislead a generally unaware and ignorant public to vote for pols and policies that are in his best interests - not their own.


Is Australia the Land Down Under Murdoch's Dirty Propaganda Boot?

fox news propagandist ploy by sun & murdoch bid for sky broadcasting britainAustralia's dilemma should be a guide. In Australia Murdoch appears to have installed a former Murdoch organization employee, Tony Abbott, as the Prime Minister from 2013 to 2015. Some accounts report that Murdoch's outlets forcefully used its media muscle to savage the opposition, while promoting Abbott.

Penal Colony? From Rule of Law to Licentiousness?

And the Australian media regulatory process appears to have been changed from 'rule of law' to a more capricious 'rule by office holder'.


Was this Murdoch's invisible legislative influence? The people in Australia also need to wake up and do something to retake control of their country's democratic processes before they find themselves back to the future as members of a foreign controlled penal colony.


A colony where Lord VoldeMurdoch calls the shots from his New York office, reaping all the tax breaks and benefits, while limiting the government services of the nation, and shifting the tax burden to the locals.


Kind of like Britain did to America in the 1700's before we finally told the British royal family and lords to go f.... themselves.

fox news propagandist ploy by sun & murdoch bid for sky broadcasting britain

Over 200 years ago, American President Thomas Jefferson said,

"Those who think one can be ignorant and free, believe in something that never was and never will be ... Eternal vigilance is the price of democracy."


Click here to go to a section we dedicated to Keith Rupert Murdoch and the propagandist practices of Fox News, the NY Post, the Sun and more. Click here for two case studies of Murdoch's Fox News propagandist practices and here for Murdoch's NY Post propaganda practices.

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