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Bronx Shops & Shopping - Bronx Shopping & Shops NYC

Mar 21, 2014 at 07:37 pm by mikewood

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bronx shopping bronx shops stores retail outlets bronx buzz nyc

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Bronx Farmers Markets 2022

April 19, 2022 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Shops & Shopping / Bronx Buzz NYC.

See HOURS, MAPS, ITEMS / SELECTION of the 23 BEST Farmers Markets / Green Markets in Bronx, w/ savvy shoppers' tips. This report includes the Mott Haven Farmers Market, Concourse Green Market, Coop City Farmers Market, Fordham Manor Green Market, Parkchester Farmers Market, City Island Farmers Market, Hunts Point Farmers Market, Claremont Village farmers markets and in between.

Click here for dates, times, locations of the Bronx Farmers Markets.

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Bronx Street Fairs 2022 - In NYC

Bronx Street Fairs 2022 - Mott Haven, Fordham Heights, Mt Eden, Mt Hope, Morris Park, Riverdale, Hunts Point, Concourse, Middletown Pelham Bay, Morrisania, Norwood, Kingsbridge, Soundview, High Bridge, Throgs Neck, Westchester Square & Plenty More

September 16, 2022 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Shops & Shopping / Bronx Buzz NYC.

This is one of THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE BRONX STREET FAIRS including DATES, FOTOS & maps of most of the Bronx Street Fairs and Festivals in the NYC neighborhoods of Mott Haven, Fordham Heights, Riverdale, Hunts Point, Concourse, Middletown Pelham Bay, Morrisania, Norwood, Kingsbridge, Soundview, High Bridge, Throgs Neck, Westchester Square and plenty more.

Click here to view our report, including links to maps, of Bronx Street Fairs & Festivals 2022.


Bronx Holiday Markets, Shopping & Bronx Holiday Events Bx NYC

Bronx Holiday Shopping, Bronx Christmas Markets, Bronx Hanukkah Shopping, Bronx Kwanzaa Markets & Bronx Holiday Markets & Events

bronx holiday markets bronx holiday things to do events bronx holiday markets bronx nycDecember 17, 2021 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Holiday Events / Bronx Events & Things To Do / Bronx Shops & Shopping / Bronx Buzz NYC.



*** For links to holiday events and markets in all five boroughs of NYC scroll down to the bottom of this report.


EDITOR NOTE. While it seems we've turned the corner on the CoVid pandemic, it's after effects still linger. Hence a number of holiday markets we saw in 2019 may not yet return in 2021 for reasons related to CoVid, or possibly finances, or perhaps an assessment that the rewards of a holiday market at this time aren't worth the risks of operating one. Lastly, shopkeepers / market makers still have to operate knowing there remains some uncertainty in being able to obtain the selection goods you want in the time frame you want because of lingering issues associated with the supply chain. So while they may not return this year, they might make a comeback next year.


Bronx Holiday Lights, Christmas Tree Lightings, Hanukkah Menorah Lightings, Kwanzaa Candle Lightings Background

The holidays are a special time of the year. In ancient times there were harvest celebrations to give thanks and enjoy the bounty of the year after a long season / year of work.

There were also winter solstice celebrations to commemorate the end of the darkening of the skies. Many cultures celebrate with a festival of lights, and in Christian cultures the holidays are marked with holiday lighting, tree lightings, candle lightings - as well as the celebration of giving through the most well known and most generous man in the world - Santa Claus.

The photo at right shows the Christmas tree at the three corners plaza at Third Avenue, 149th Street and Willis / Melrose Avenue in the Mott Haven and Melrose neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, back in the Bronx we celebrate in a number of ways, which carry on some of these ancient traditions. The following provides the dates / times / locales and some details regarding many of the various Bronx holiday markets for folks to enjoy shopping between now and the end of the year.

Click here to read our report about Bronx Holiday Markets / Bronx Holiday Events & Things To Do NYC.


Thanksgiving Day Gourmet Food & Grocery Stores & Restaurants in the Bronx 2021

Thanksgiving Day Gourmet or Specialty Food Shopping & Restaurants in or near Mott Haven, Fordham, Port Morris, Concourse, Bedford Park, Norwood, University Heights, City Island, Riverdale, Melrose, Morris Park, Westchester Square & Parkchester Bronx NYC

November 21, 2021 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Restaurants / Bronx Buzz NYC.

Thanksgiving Day History - Thanksgiving Food Shops, Dinners & Restaurants in the Bronx

bronx thanksgiving day restaurants in the bronx thanksgiving day food shops grocery stores bronx nyc mott haven concourse melrose hunts point city island parkchester bedford park belmont fordham riverdale thanksgiving food shops grocery stores restaurants bronx nycThe origins of Thanksgiving Day in the United States began with one of America's first settlements, founded by the risk-taking, resource-pooling, hardworking, spiritual community of Pilgrims. The Pilgrims were early English settlers who arrived on American shores in the early 17th century [1600's]. They came here because they wanted a measure of freedom and self-determination that they were forbidden in Europe or what was called the 'old country'. The Pilgrims wanted to practice their faith, unencumbered, in a way that differed from the established Church of England. They pooled their money to obtain a ship, the Mayflower, to cross the Atlantic in mid September of 1620, landing on America's shores at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts on November 9, 1620.


The Pilgrims Receive Help from the Native People of a Strange Land

Per Wikipedia, the Piligrims survived a hard winter in 1621 with the help of the Wampanoag, an American Indian tribe. The Pilgrims were the immigrants, and the first Americans, the Indian natives, welcomed them. The Wampanaog taught the Pilgrims how to catch eels, and how to grow and harvest corn. Thus the Pilgrims ended 1621 with a good harvest which they celebrated and shared with their new friends, expressing their thanks to a higher power, aka God, for the success of their endeavors.

Thus it was that the first Thanksgiving celebration happened in America. There's some dispute to this account, which we'll address in a future post, near Thanksgiving Day.

COVID protocols remain in effect per NYC guidelines. Rsvp is recommended.

We've identified a number of Bronx gourmet food shops and grocery stores, community dinners and restaurants open for dining on Thanksgiving Day in the Bronx. Enjoy.

Cigars Made the Old Fashioned Way

February 19, 2018 / Belmont Neighborhood Bronx / Bronx Shops & Shopping / Bronx Buzz NYC.

bronx cigar shops bronx cigar makers handmade cigars in bronx belmont nycA while back I was strolling through Bronx Little Italy on Arthur Avenue. I spent a bit of time inside the Arthur Avenue Retail Market which was founded back in the 1930's by one of NYC's most famous Mayors, Italian American Fiorello LaGuardia. The market was an effort by the former Mayor to clean up Arthur Avenue as many vendors sold their goods out in the open air on the street.

Inside the old-fashioned, indoor market there are a dozen or more vendors selling food and other items. The vendor that caught my interest on this particular voyage, was the cigar maker busily toling away, rolling his fresh tobacco products on a table near the front of the market.

LCD Cigars bills itself as the original cigar of Arthur Avenue. The cigar maker comes from Latin America and has many years of experience making fine cigars. I bought a couple to bring home and enjoyed the smooth draw of the fresh rolled man-sized cigars.

I misplaced my notes of that voyage, but in addition to the rolling table where he makes cigars, he operates a small store which sells a selection of cigars and accessories, like cases to protect the cigars while traveling - one of which I purchased to ensure the cigars would make it safely home. You can find him in the Arthur Avenue Retail Market or buy from him online at


A Changing Retail Landscape in the Bronx

Bronx Shopping Malls, Bronx Shopping Centers & Bronx Shopping Districts in Transformation

bronx shopping malls bronx shopping districts bronx shopping centersOctober 18, 2017 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Shops & Shopping Bronx / Bronx Buzz NYC.

This is a compendium of many, possibly most of, the largest shopping malls and shopping centers in the Bronx. Over the past decade or so a number of shopping malls have been erected and many existing shopping centers have been renovated / refurbished as the Bronx undergoes the process of transformation and in some areas, gentrification.

I've grouped the shopping malls by geographical location, using the same definitions used in the neighborhood section of this site - South Bronx, Central Bronx, Eastern Bronx and North & Western Bronx.

  • South Bronx Shopping Malls & Shopping Centers. The general boundaries for the South Bronx are the Harlem River to the south and west, the East River to the south and east, White Plains Road to the east and roughly the Cross Bronx Expressway at about 174th Street to the north.
  • Central Bronx Shopping Malls & Shopping Centers. The general boundaries for the Central Bronx are the Cross bronx shopping malls bronx shopping districts bronx shopping centersBronx Expressway at about 174th Street to the south, the Bronx River Parkway [Morris Park & Bronx River Avenues] as well as the Bronx Zoo and NY Botanical Gardens to the east, Woodlawn Cemetery and Van Cortlandt Park to the north and the Major Deegan Expressway [Bailey Avenue] to the west.
  • North & West Bronx Shopping Malls & Shopping Centers. The Major Deegan Expressway [Bailey Avenue] to the east, the northern Bronx boundary around 263rd Street to the north, the Hudson River to the west and the Harlem River to the south.
  • East Bronx Shopping Malls & Shopping Centers. The northern boundary of the Bronx along the north at about Kingsbridge Road [rises further north for Wakefield], the Bronx River Expressway [along Bronx Park East] north of the Cross Bronx Expressway and White Plains Road south of the Cross Bronx Expressway on the west [about 172nd to 177th Streets] and the East River to the south and east [leading into the Long Island Sound].

Click here to read our report about the changing retail landscape in the Bronx, including a solid listing of most of the major Bronx shopping malls, Bronx shopping center and Bronx shopping districts in NYC.


Bronx Street Fairs & Festivals NYC

I. Bronx Street Fair Dates & Maps 2022

bronx street fairs bronx st fairs festivals bronxSeptember 16, 2022 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Shopping / Bronx Buzz NYC.

Bronx Street Fairs begin in April. We've compiled one of THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE SCHEDULE of BRONX street fairs including street fair TIMES & PHOTOS & maps, some street fair names & sponsors, and street fair maps to help you find your way around during the spring, summer and fall of 2022.

The New Bronx Street Fair Page is Organized



So to look through all of the Bronx street fairs for a given month, find the month and then scroll through each neighborhood.


*** Links to Street Fairs in All 5 Boros of NYC

Here are some links to Manhattan street fairs NYC, Queens street fairs NYC, Bronx street fairs NYC, Brooklyn street fairs NYC and Staten Island street fairs NYC. We'll add more as the summer progresses.


Bronx Street Fair Updates - 2022

The Bronx street fair dates that have been updated with 2022 designations reflect the current 2022 St Fair events.

ONLY ASTERISKED street fairs of 2022 have been UPDATED. The street fairs with 2018 / 2019 / 2021 years / dates reflect the information regarding that fair in a prior year.

UNCONFIRMEDS. The 'UNCONFIRMEDS' represent street fairs held in a prior year, which we believe are returning, but which we have not yet confirmed details for 2022.

UPDATES. The unasterisked street fairs of prior years and the UNCONFIRMEDS will be updated as new information comes in.

Also check our Bronx Events calendar and / or our Bronx Farmers Markets section for updates and other things to do.

300 - add back foto DSC07294

Bronx Shopping & Shops - BronxNYC

Shopping & Shops in the Bronx in NYC

May 2022 / Shops & Shopping NYC / Bronx Buzz NYC.

This section includes stories about many of the interesting shops in the Bronx.

Click here to go to the Bronx Shops & Shopping section of the site.

Farmers Markets & Street Fairs in the Bronx

bronx street fairs bronx July 24, 2017 / Bronx Farmers Markets / Bronx Street Fairs / Bronx Buzz NYC.

A few Bronx farmers markets might be open year round, but most of them are seasonal. Some of the seasonal Bronx farmers markets begin opening in the Spring of 2017, with the rest of them opening no later than the first couple of weeks in July of 2017. Click here to view the schedules of many of the farmers markets in the Bronx.

Bronx street fairs, on the other hand, are entirely seasonal. Some of them hitting the streets as early as April 2017. Bronx street fairs rise markedly during the late spring and continue through the dog days of summer [July / August], rising again in the fall. By the end of November the Bronx street fairs go on hiatus, with a few returning as early as April. Click here to view a full schedule of the Bronx street fairs.

Bastille Day On The Upper East Side NYC

Alliance Francais Hosts Three Block Street Party

east side neighborhood nycJuly 14, 2014 / East Side Neighborhood NYC / Bronx Restaurants / Bronx Buzz NYC.

I was feeling very revolutionary Sunday afternoon as I made my way to the Bastille Day Street Festival hosted by the Alliance Francais on 60th Street. They were hosting a [long] three block party that stretched from Central Park souteast at Fifth Avenue across Madison and Park to Lexington Avenue from 12 noon until 5 pm.

It had rained a bit that day which probably worked to the street farers' advantage as, while it was crowded, it was also very easy to move around and not so hot that one was 'glistening' throughout the afternoon.

The 60th Street blocks contain a number of fancy establishments, including the quiet, but well known, Metropolitan Club of which J. Pierrepont Morgan was once a member.

The vendors offered a variety of food, beverages, travel opportunities to places like Monaco and the French islands of Martinique, along with wine, cheeses, spices, some clothing, soaps, perfumes, jewelry and art. I think one of the things that separates this street fair from many others is that it generally stuck to the theme of all things French and hence had the effect of leaving me walk away with a little bit of feeling like I had taken a time-warp trip to Paris and back in the course of the afternoon.

Au revoir mon ami. Je voudrais voir vous bientot. A slide show with photos will follow later this summer.

Bronx Shops & Shopping in NYC

Bronx Shopping & Shops - Bronx Related Info

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