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Spend, Borrow & Tax Budget: Trump is Whose Voice?

Mar 09, 2017 at 01:19 pm by mikewood

mayor de blasio state of the city address 2017 nyc harlem apollo theater

U.S. Taxes & Budget: Trump is Whose Voice?

Stock Market adds Trillions & Working Middle Class Gets What?

March 6, 2017 / Bronx Politics & Government / Bronx Business & Economy / News Analysis & Opinion / Bronx Buzz NYC.

Has Rupert Murdoch's Fox News mouthpiece, Sean Hannity, been pushing hard for tax reform because the Trump tax plan will be good for the working class people - one of which he appears to pretend to be? Or because the Trump Tax Plan will be good for mega multi-millionaires like Sean Hannity and mega multi-billionaires like Hannity's boss, Rupert Murdoch?

How Much a Phony is Fox News Sean Hannity?

Does he Pretend to be Working Class Guy ...

- So he can Dupe Fox News Viewers into Supporting a Tax Plan that Favors NOT them -

... but Mega-Millionaires like Him?

sean hannity propagandist hannity show propaganda fox news

Hannity hasn't been a working class guy for in the neighborhod of two decades. In fact, according to Forbes in a 2015 survey Hannity is a very rich man. According to Zillow Hannity owns a palacial home on Long Island worth millions [see Zillow photo at right] and a second home located in a wealthy enclave in Naples, Florida.


Forbes published that Sean Hannity's earnings in 2015 were $29 million [see graphic at right]. So it's not implausible to guess that Hannity may have purchased the second home in Florida, so he could claim residency there in order to avoid NYS taxes, which Hannity has been publicly complaining about for years.

Which tax candidates and priorities do you think Sean Hannity is supporting - yours - or his own and Boss Murdochs?


Televangelist Hannity Preaches Gospel According to Murdoch

Fox News & Hannity Dictate Orders to Republicans ... Implied Threat is Suffer the Wrath of Murdoch's Propaganda Machine?

Hypocrisy & Half Truths on Hannity on Fox News Tonight?

fox news propaganda hannity propagandists lies on fox newsI'm using Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity as an example of what appears to be the incredible hypocrisy and misleading information regarding Trump and the Trump tax plan, being provided by Murdoch's Fox News, one of America's largest TV networks.


It appears Hannity lures unwitting viewers into believing he's a working class guy - when he isn't - so his viewers will take his advice when he labels political candidates and public issues in childly simplistic terms of 'US' vs 'THEM' and 'GOOD' vs 'BAD'. Hannity seems to use small words and incessantly repeats himself, instructing his viewers like they are a bunch of five year-old kids who don't have the contextual experience nor even the infantile analytical skills required to think for themselves.

Fox and Hannity oftentimes appear to make no attempt to find and disseminate the truth on issues or government officials, but instead appear to propagandistically promote or punish those who do not bend to their will, as exemplified in the Business Insider headline to your right. The implicit message to Republicans appears to be obey us - or suffer the consequences of losing your elected government post - because our audience believes us and will do what we tell them to do.

Fox News Hannity's pugnacious rhetoric sounds kind of Nazi-like. This seems to be an indication that the FCC has granted and entrusted these people with way too much power - and that they appear to be corrupting it to serve their own selfish interests.

Click here to continue reading this report about Fox News propaganda & Hannity, O'Reilly propagandists on Fox News which is a lead into a report about how it appears they will profit handsomely from their propaganda services.

U.S. Taxes & Budget: Trump is Whose Voice?

Stock Market adds Trillions & Working Middle Class Gets What?

March 6, 2017 / Bronx Politics & Government / Bronx Business & Economy / News Analysis & Opinion / Bronx Buzz NYC. Continued.

Trump Accuses American Media of Fake News

But Omits the Original Fake News - Murdoch's Fox 'News'

u.s. government spending deficits

On February 17, 2017 President Donald Trump, who the Fox News organization unequivocally backed during the 2016 campaign, called most of America's top news organizations 'FAKE NEWS'.

Note that the only major TV network Trump did NOT claim was FAKE NEWS was FOX NEWS. It seems we live in a Bizarro World. Bizarro is a term from the Superman comic books of the mid 20th century where everything in the Bizarro World is exactly the opposite of what it is in the real world.


How Often does Hannity use Nazi-like FAKE NEWS ATTACKS ...

- as he did on Republican Senator John McCain -

... to Stifle those who Disagree with Murdoch's Fox TV?

On February 19, 2017 American war veteran and Arizona Republican SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN, publicly defended America's free press, noting that dictators "get started by suppressing a free press."

u.s. government spending deficitsOn February 23, 2017 - just a few days later - Sean Hannity appears to punish Senator McCain by retweeting a FAKE NEWS account of the war veteran to millions [see graphic at right].

In the graphic at right Fox News' Sean Hannity retweeted FAKE NEWS, likely intended to punish Arizona Republican Senator John McCain. McCain spoke out against Donald Trump's attacks on the American media a few days earlier when Trump called the American press "the enemy of the people".

When caught by several real news organizations, Hannity pulled the tweet and later apologized. Fox News usually apologizes quickly after they are caught red-handed disseminating misinformation. It's my guess that Murdoch's Fox News has an unwritten policy to apologize quickly, so that their disinformation practices don't become hyped in a conflict following a refusal to do so, and thus enter into the American public's consciousness.


Fake President?

Trump Used Hannity, one of Fox News Iraqi-War-Promoters, as Alibi in Campaign

Trump Uses Fox News O'Reilly's Fictional Propaganda to Support False Swedish Immigrant Terror Claims

u.s. government spending deficitsFox News Bill O'Reilly was also caught red handed disseminating false information which appeared intended to cover President Trump's tracks.

On Friday February 17, 2017 President Trump made a public statement about immigrant terror attacks in Sweden.

A day later the former Prime Minister of Sweden was quick to set the record straight informing the world that that Trump's statment was not true. See CARL Bildt tweet below.


u.s. government spending deficitsTrump said he got his information from Fox News.

On February 23, 2017, Fox News followed up with a piece supporting the president's claim of immigrant terror in Sweden, by posturing a Montana consultant, who uses two different surnames, as the "Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor" on the O'Reilly Factor.


How Fake is Murdoch's Fox News?

O'Reilly Creates Phony Title for 'Expert Swedish Witness' ...

- Witness appears to make FALSE CLAIM to the Surname he Used on the Show -

... Which is the Same Surname as Former Swedish Prime Minister

u.s. government spending deficitsThe Swedish government responded to Fox News broadcast of the O'Reilly interview by asking Fox who this NILS Bildt guy was, as they had NEVER done any business with him. Fox News O'Reilly admitted they had erred in describing the 'expert witness' as they did.

According to the Daily Mail newspaper in Britain, when caught red-handed O'Reilly said,

"'Nils Bildt ... was introduced by [O'Reilly] as a "Swedish Defense and National Security Advisor." The Swedish government [said] they've had no contact with Mr. Bildt. 'Now, we looked into the situation and the criticism is valid. It's valid. Mr. Bildt does consulting work on terrorism, that's true - but we should have clarified that he had no direct role with the Swedish government."

The New York Times dug further into O'Reilly's FAKE NEWS and found that the man, NILS BILDT, is actually NILS TOLLING, who lives in Montana and goes around claiming he's related to the former Swedish Prime Minister. Carl Bildt, the former Swedish Prime Minister says he doesn't know him, only knows of him because the Nils Bildt seems to use Carl Bildt's surname to claim a relationship to the former Prime Minister. An imposter?

I encourage you to use the search engine resources at your fingertips to verify any or all of what I'm reporting because I know it seems like it's right out of a Nazi novel, but sadly it's true.

It makes me wonder how far these people can go before AMERICA WAKES UP & RESPONDS TO THE REAL RIGS IN THE SYSTEM.


Fox Mega Millionaires: Propagandists NOT Journalists

u.s. government spending deficits

It's worth a drawing attention to this incredible lack of professionalism by Fox News top two showmen. Hannity and O'Reilly each of whom pulls down tens of millions in income annually, and together have about a half century experience in the business.

But these men are experienced propagandists - NOT journalists - which is why we are witnessing such a lack of integrity and absence of professionalism.


Real journalists strive to find the truth and tell it.

Propagandists strive to create deceptions and perceptions about the truth that will enable them to get what they want.


It's worth mentioning that Fox News Bill O'Reilly, like Hannity, has a net worth that is measured by the tens of millions [deception pays?]. These two Fox propagandists are in a SOCIO-ECONOMIC CLASS that is way above [nearly] ALL OF THEIR VIEWERS. According to Forbes Business O'Reilly's annual earnings are $24 million, just a few million less than Hannity's annual earnings of $29 million mentioned above.

Which tax and spend candidates and priorities do you think Bill O'Reilly is supporting - yours - or his own, Boss Murdochs and that of the other multi-millionaire / multi-billionaire, moneyed elites?


Murdoch's Fake News Machine & the Propaganda Payday?

trump murdoch putin assange hannity oreilly conspiracy factor

The Murdoch / Hannity / O'Reilly propaganda effort seems to have been going on for a long time.


We're now in what should be the payout phase of the propaganda business cycle. I suspect Murdoch, Hannity and O'Reilly are looking for a big payout for all of the Fox News & NY Post promotional / punishment services provided by Murdoch's machine.


In the past it has appeared that the Murdoch spoils of victory include [de]regulatory and legal changes, and oftentimes financially measurable rewards, which benefit the billionaire global propagandist. The photos at right were found either on or through Google, Yahoo & MSN search, except those showing Hannity on his show which are snapshots thereof.


Russia & China may have State Controlled Media but ...

Australia & Britain live in Media Controlled States

In Australia, Murdoch appears to have used his influence to change the media laws so that even though he is now a foreigner, he controls a near monopoly share of voice in Australia. And through that near monopoly share of voice he appears to have an outsized influence in picking candidates, getting them elected, and through them influencing public policy.

In Britain, Murdoch appears poised to succeed in achieving a near monopolistic grip on the media of that nation too - if he's allowed to take full control of Sky Broadcasting in a merger effort that is well underway.

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, reportedly came to New York to kiss Rupert Murdoch's ring in September of 2016, three months after she won the job, and three months before Murdoch submitted his bid for full control of Sky Broadcasting in December of 2016.

Theresa May and her party - if they allow the Fox / Sky merger to go through - will have capitulated to Rupert Murdoch, more than Neville Chamberlain ever appeased Adolph Hitler, and the current class of British politicians will have sold out their country in order to keep their jobs.

Will America Capitulate to the Global Propagandist: Murdoch?

Meanwhile, back in America, Murdoch, Hannity & O'Reilly appear to be hacking away at the American system of governance. Over two centuries ago America's Founding Fathers anticipated the greed and unrelenting lust for power of men just like them, and embedded checks and balances safeguards in our system of governance to enable the American people some measure of time / chance to catch onto what appears to be these anarchist propagandists' nefarious attempts to hack and take control of the American democratic republic.

So let's take a look at the Trump Tax and Spend budget plans to see how our cunning Foxy Friends are likely to benefit from their promotional propagandist efforts to help Donald J. Trump become the 45th president of the United States of America.

I'll try to put this in the perspective of how these propagandists will fare with the Trump Spend, Borrow & Tax proposals compared to real working middle class Americans.

Trump Spend, Borrow & Tax Budget Plan 2017

We'll have more next week as we explore the implications on Tax Revenue of the Repatriation Tax Change, the Corporate Tax Cut, the Simplification of Tax Brackets and the elimination of the Death Tax. And we will look at the impact on Spending of the proposed Defense Budget buildup, the proposed increased spending on Infrastructure. Both will impact America's budget deficit which is running near a half trillion dollars per year and America's government debt which is valued at $20 trillion.

We'll also take a look at the Trump plans for deregulation and try to assess these in light of what's good for the working / middle classes, versus how these proposals will affect the wealthiest among us. The ultimate goal will be to assess whether the Trump presidency is a win for the working classes he said he would champion - or the mega millionaire and billionaire classes now hovering over Washington.

The Trump Tax Plan is Good for Who?

Is the system rigged? We'll have more next Monday.

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