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Steinway & Sons Piano Factory History & Tours Astoria Queens NYC

Mar 22, 2017 at 04:29 pm by mikewood

Steinway & Sons Piano Factory Astoria Queens NY

Steinway & Sons Piano Factory Tour

History and Tour of the Steinway & Sons Piano Factory in Astoria NYC

Steinway Piano Factory history & tours Astoria NYCJanuary 13 & 22, 2009 / Steinway & Sons Piano Factory History / Bronx Neighborhoods & Bronx History NYC / Gotham Buzz NYC.

I had the opportunity to take a wonderful trip back in time without even leaving the borough. I traveled through a time warp, back into 19th century American, when technology was merging with craftsmanship to create the foundations of the modern world we lived in throughout the better part of the 20th century. In 1875 Steinway & Sons bought 400 acres of land in what used to be Long Island City prior to its merger with Manhattan and Brooklyn to form New York City. The factory is located at the northern tip of Astoria Queens, as one would guess, near Steinway Street. Tours are given weekly throughout the school year but cameras are not allowed.


Steinway Piano Factory Tour Queens NYInvention Of The Piano

We started the tour in an upstairs conference room where there's a plaque showing the piano was invented in 1711 by Bartholomew Cristofori [d. 1731]. He modified the plucking of strings, as is done by the harpsichord, to create the piano, which strikes the strings. The piano is both a percussion [striking] and stringed instrument.


Heinrich Steinway founder of Steinway Piano Factory Astoria NY German Furniture Maker Steinway & Sons

Heinrich Steinway, the company's founder was born in Germany. He grew up in the furniture making business and he began applying those skills to piano making in the early 1800's. In 1849, one of his sons came to America, and a year later most of the rest of the family followed.


Click here to read the rest of our story, including photos of the Steinway Factory History & Tours in NYC.

Steinway & Sons Piano Factory Tour

History and Tour of the Steinway & Sons Piano Factory in Astoria NYC

January 13 & 22, 2009 / Steinway & Sons Piano Factory History / Bronx Neighborhoods & Bronx History NYC / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.

Original 1836 Steinway Piano 1836 Astoria NY Queens

Rare Early Steinway Piano - In Astoria

At the Steinway & Sons piano factory in Astoria they have an 1836 piano that was built in Germany at the first Steinway piano factory. This rare piano was made markedly different from how pianos are made at the factory today.


Steinway & Sons - Technologists & Marketers

steinway piano technology astoria ny queens nyThe family migrated to the U.S. in early 1850's. By the 1870's their fortunes began to soar. One of the sons, C.F. Theodore Steinway, developed a series of inventions relating to the piano that began to separate the quality of the Steinway product from its competitors. He collaborated with a German physicist and acoustician to refine how the piano created tonal quality.


William Steinway, Theodore's brother, added to the Steinway legend by engineering celebrity sales, obtained celebrity endorsements and arranged celebrity events to build upon the Steinway name. To this end William invited European classical pianists to perform on their pianos. And in 1890 he created Steinway Hall, which was a forerunner to Carnegie Hall.

Steinway piano in Astoria piano factory queens ny

The Second Steinway Hall

The second Steinway Hall, which was used more as a retail showroom and concert piano storage area, was built in 1925 and is still functioning today. It's worth noting that it is once again owned by Steinway & Sons as a marketing / sales and promotional place, where the greatest musicians in the world come to shop for Steinway & Sons pianos. The building is located just across the street from Carnegie Hall, and both buildings are landmarked.


19th Century Craftsmanship Continues To This Day

Steinway piano wood astoria nySteinway pianos are, in many respects, made by hand in this factory which employs about 600 people and produces in the neighborhood of two thousand plus pianos per year. During the tour I was struck by the simplicity of the machinery used, as most of it would have been available over a century ago. The men who make these pianos are craftsmen rather than factory workers.


Making A Steinway Piano - Start With The Wood

The factory air is temperature and humidity controlled in order to prevent any warping of the wood components used to create this sensitive musical instrument. The factory is keep very clean and vacuums are everywhere to absorb the sawdust that comes from working the wood.


Steinway piano mold astoria nySteinway & Sons Piano Factory - Queens NY

Rock maple wood is cured for various lengths of time to eliminate most of its resin. The long wide planks of wood are then cut and milled into thin layers, sixteen of which are glued together and pressed into a steel frame. In this fashion the piano body is shaped into the smoothe curves of the body of the piano as the glue dries and the wood is cured in a heated and humid environment over the course of ten weeks. During this time the other components for the piano are being built.



Steinway Piano Lid And Moldings

steinway piano factory moldings astoria new yorkThe top of the piano, called the lid, is generally made of populars because it's a strong straight wood. The lid must be able to sustain thousands of pounds of pressure from the piano vibrations. The moldings are made of walnut. Steam boxes are used to help mold the strong wood to the shapes required to fit onto the curvaceous instrument like a glove.


Steinway Piano Keys And Hammers - Astoria NY

Ivory is no longer used on the piano keys, since the extinction of elephants became an issue some 30 or so years ago. Today the keys are made with special glass and spruce. The piano hammers are constructed of felt tips, which must conform to the highest quality standards.



Steinway piano sound board astoria factory queens ny

Sound Boards And Harps

The base of the piano includes a sound board and a harp. The harp is made of metal by a Steinway controlled foundry. It generally takes multiple fitting attempts to lay the harp into the sound box to obtain the perfect fit. After the fit, the board is then strung and the piano tuned.


Unique Personality Of Each Steinway Piano

Steinway piano personality sound queens nyEach piano has its own unique set of characteristics, which the artisans reference to personalities. Somewhere between the fitting and the tuning, the piano is said to 'get its soul'. The music that comes from a Steinway is the collaboration of the artisans on the shop floor and the musicians in the concert hall.


Steinway & Sons Pianos - Preferred By Celebrity Musicians

Many of the greats have visited the Steinway & Sons piano factory in Astoria to select their pianos. In fact the factory has a room where client can practice in a room with manageable acoustics that simulate different piano playing environments. The factory estimates that 99% of the American concert pianists and recording stars use Steinways.


Steinway & Sons Pianos - Costs / Value & Special Editions

steinway piano factory tour astoria nySteinway & Sons produce special editions that may have unique characteristics in the trim, shape, color and more. A Steinway piano can cost up to a half million [for a special edition] but they typically run from the low $40,000's to the low $100,000's.


That said the Steinway website indicates that these instruments retain and in fact appreciate in value over time [based on historical trends]. Given that the factory produces only 2,000 plus per year, and by many measures Steinways are custom made, and they are considered by the best musicians to be the best, they seem to have all the properties that makes an item a collectible.


The Steinways exited the business in 1972, but their name lives on in the brand they created. The name had such cache that while Henry Steinway was still alive, he used to randomly come into the factory to autograph a few pianos before they shipped.

Steinway Brand pianos from Astoria Queens NY

Sources & Thanks - Steinway Piano Factory Tour NYC

My thanks to Marisa Berman of the Queens Historical Society, Bob Singleton of The Greater Astoria Historical Society and Loretta Russo of Steinway & Sons. For tours contact the Greater Astoria Historical Society or The Steinway & Sons Piano Factory by using the search function below.

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