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Fox News Propaganda & NY Post Propaganda: Chelsea Bombing 2016

Apr 19, 2017 at 10:57 am by mikewood

Murdoch NewsCorp Propaganda breaking Political Broadcast Laws Violations Hannity O'Reilly propagandists propaganda ny post

NYC Rolls on After Small Bomb Explodes

Who are the Real Terrorists?

September 20, 2016 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Murdoch Fox News NY Post Propaganda / News Analysis & Opinion / Manhattan Buzz.

chelsea bomb explosion nycSaturday evening, September 17th, at around 8.30 pm a bomb went off in a dumpster near 131 West 23rd Street [just off 6th Avenue] in Chelsea. While a number of people were injured by the debris [29 in total], thankfully nobody was killed, and all 29 of the people impacted have been released. The photo at right shows the scene were a small bomb exploded on Saturday evening in the Chelsea section of Manhattan.

NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo was quick to inform the public that the bombing was a terrorist act, but that it did not appear to be linked to international terrorism. Today, just three days later, it appears the bomber may have been influenced by a trip taken abroad.

At the time of Cuomo's announcement, he appeared to be continuing what seems like an ongoing effort to upstage the Mayor, by being the first to speak to the press and by sensationalizing the incident using words like terrorist [headline grabbing].

The Mayor was far more circumspect when he spoke, telling us only that based on the evidence gathered at the time, the act appeared to be intentional. The Mayor ended his remarks with that terse statement - telling us he would have more to say pending the receipt of additional information. NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill exercised the same caution in describing the event as the Mayor.


fox news chelsea bomber nyc terrorst ny post wsjIs Murdoch's Media Org Hyping the Bombing for Ratings & Newspaper Sales Like They Appeared to do with the Iraq War?

Not surprisingly, Keith Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal, NY Post and Fox News noted / lauded or applauded the Governor for helping them in what appeared to be their ongoing efforts to sensationalize the terrible act.

Was their goal in hyping the bomb to sell more newspapers and increase their TV ratings? At first blush that's hard to believe - until you do the math.

In 2002 - 2003, Murdoch in tandem with his global media organization, strongly advocated on three continents [U.S., Britain and Australia] to start the War in Iraq. Ultimately, I believe the war increased Fox cable TV and Fox News ratings, which are worth billions of dollars annually. We'll have more on this a bit later in the story.


Do Bombers Seek Fame & Does Murdoch's Media Machine Provide Them with it?

Is Instant Fame a Bomber's Motivation? It seems plausible that part of the motivation of a bomber might be to make the headlines / be shown on TV / become famous, even if only for what artist Andy Warhol described as one's 15 minutes of fame. See NY Post graphic to your right, where the now famous bomber made the NY Post front page while lying in bed. Thank you Mr. Murdoch and your NY Post?

Achieving Goals By Fear Mongering? Rupert Murdoch's propaganda-oriented 'news' outlets may in fact be part of the problem - not part of the solution. Murdoch's organization appears hell bent on hyping the bombing event into an international terrorist attack, which one may surmise that they can then use to rekindle fears based on 15 year old memories, to shape the national security narrative leading up to the general election.

joseph goebbels nazi propagandist third reich

At a time when the whole world was in turmoil FDR told America,

"We have nothing to fear, but fear itself."

How times have changed.

It seems Keith Rupert Murdoch's organization is saying something just the opposite, like,

"Be afraid. Be very afraid."


Never mind that nobody died in this incident or even reportedly sustained any serious injuries. And based on what is known, and what I saw, there appears to be very little SUBSTANTIAL property damage. But professional propagandists never let the facts get in the way of the story they want to tell, the perspective they want to sell, so this was an event I used to watch and learn from a media organization controlled by a man believed by many, to be the world's reigning propagandist.

People need to pay more attention to who they're going to listen to, to provide them with information and context about the world in which we live. The information sources they choose inevitably influence their view of the world, who they choose to represent them, what public policies they want pursued and how they go about conducting their lives.

The graphic at right is a quote from author of the book entitled 1984 - George Orwell - in his book Homage to Catalonia published in 1938. In it he said,

"One of the most horrible features of war is that all the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting."


Pay Attention to the Changing Murdoch Media Narrative

Can the Real Terrorists be Found in Murdoch's Fear Mongering Media Empire?

chelsea bomb explosion nycGiven that folks were out and about on Sunday, less than a day after the explosion, I began pondering whether it's media outlets like those owned by Keith Rupert Murdoch that are responsible for terrorizing the citizens of New York - and the nation - by continually repeating fear-inspired storylines / narratives?

It seemed the bomber had already failed to terrorize us in New York City, where the bomb exploded, given the fact that so many of us were out and about only hours later. In the photo at right are marchers in the Mexican Day Parade.

But Murdoch's manipulative media machine looks like it went into overdrive by broadcasting, webcasting and printing fear-inspired stories. Thus,perhaps the bomber may yet succeed in terrorizing us, with the help of Murdoch's media fear mongering machine.


Media Mogul Calculus: Terror or War = High Ratings Worth $$$ Billions &

Since Taxpayer Funds Most Production Costs of War / Show = Even Higher Profits

rupert murdoch political advertising guidelines fccThe Iraq War in 2003 was like fresh new free money, because Murdoch's organization could sell pricey TV ads for increased news ratings, while the bulk of the costs of staging the 'news programming' aka the Iraq War, was provided free to Murdoch's organization, compliments of the American, British and Australian taxpayers.

Based on the recent financial performance of Murdoch's organizations, his flailing media outlets appear to be in need of this sort of low cost [to Murdoch's media empire], high ratings programming.

Trillion(s) Spent on Iraq War Because of Phony, Media-Hyped, 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' Threat

In 2002 - 2003 Murdoch's organization appeared to use this same sort of hyping and sensationalizing of Sadam's 'weapons of mass destruction' to monger fear in America, Britain and Australia so the nations would go to war against Iraq.

Only later did we find out that there weren't, in fact, any weapons of mass destruction and that it was all media and political hype used to get us into the war. Once embroiled in the war, it cost well over a TRILLION DOLLARS, and by some accounts - we're still not completely out. In the graphic at right are just a few of the strident headlines published in Murdoch media.


Those Who do Not Learn from History are Doomed to Repeat it

political broadcast rules murdoch newscorp hannity oreillyIn researching propaganda, I couldn't help but encounter propagandist works and statements made by propagandists Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels. I recall as a youngster wondering how Hitler came to have so, so much power. Only now do I understand, as it appears Hitler accumulated his power insidiously, by conducting mass marketing campaigns of deception, disguised and packaged in with information, facts and news.

Does Fox Disinform - So Murdoch can Decide?

Fox viewers have been found not only to be less informed, but actually disinformed, on subjects ranging from healthcare, to science, to international affairs.

Media Matters informs us that studies to this effect have been conducted by Kaiser Health, Ohio State University researchers, Program on International Policy Attitudes, Stanford University and the National Science Foundation, University of Maryland's Program on International Policy Attitudes, Farleigh Dickinson University and an NBC / Wall Street Journal poll before Murdoch acquired the Wall Street Journal.

political broadcast rules murdoch newscorp hannity oreillyAs you can see in the graphic at right, a poll which was included in a documentary entitled OutFoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism, shows that Fox viewers tended to be more ill-informed than their PBS media peers.

You can click into the graphic which will take you to the video, but we reference and link to it again later in this story where we highlight a piece in the video that proves the point and is funny in a twisted Murdochian way.

Click here to view a prior piece we did on what appears to be Rupert Murdoch's assault on democracy which takes you deeper into what appears to be a long history of the billionaire media mogul's influence on electoral outcomes.

In June of 2016 Murdoch's media organization seemed to provide its readers / voters the same sort of bad advice with their advocacy in favor of Brexit or exiting the European Union. We'll have a bit more on this later.

Click here to read the rest of our report about what appears to be Rupert Murdoch's manipulative use of his media assets.

NYC Rolls on After Small Bomb Explodes

Who are the Real Terrorists?

September 20, 2016 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Murdoch Fox News NY Post Propaganda / News Analysis & Opinion / Manhattan Buzz. Continued.

Case Study: Murdoch's Manipulative Media Machine Spices up their Headines while Morphing the Storyline Narrative to Better Suit Themselves

You can see the Murdoch organization's current evolving narrative morphing below. By observing their use of three different Murdoch media brands, see if you can detect them steadily turning up the volume in favor of hyping the bombing and psychologically terrorizing New Yorkers and Americans.

political broadcast rules murdoch newscorp hannity oreillyMurdoch's media outlets appear to go from reporting the news - to propagating their view of it.

By distracting their viewers from the facts, which appears to be a couple of small ineffective [didn't do much damage] bombs by a confused individual, into a Murdoch machine-manufactured extravaganza.

It appears the Murdoch media machine is trying to stir up a publicity battle between candidates and government officials in order to discredit those who don't suit them. The Murdoch Manipulation Machine seems to understand that you can't run a propagandist puppet show, if you can't pull some of the strings.


  • 1. Rupert Murdoch's Fox 59 had a headline on its site posted on September 17, 2016 which was also updated the next day that said,
    • "New York blast 'obviously an act of terrorism,' governor says"


  • 2. Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street Journal opened a story on Monday, September 19, 2016 with the following,
    • "Amid the commotion of the Chelsea bombing, political foes New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio found a fresh fault line: how to define the chaos that erupted across a few blocks in Manhattan on Saturday night.


  • 3. Rupert Murdoch's New York Post Editorial Board story headline SHOUTED on Monday night, September 19, 2016,
    • "Is Andrew Cuomo the Only Democrat Willing to Say the Obvious about Terrorism?"


  • 4. Rupert Murdoch's NY Post & also his Fox News, on Wednesday evening, September 21, 2016 posted this headline by Michael Goodwin,
    • "Terror attacks keep coming but much of America still remains trapped in a 9/10 mindset"

political broadcast rules murdoch newscorp hannity oreilly

  • 5. It seems a fair bet that the Murdoch's Machine will do it's level best to up the volume. On the Fox News Facebook Page they appeared to use the NYC bombing to put fear into the hearts and minds of Fox News viewers, by repeatedly playing what appear to be the current Murdoch organization's favorite FEAR THEMES of immigration, radical Islam and the government taking away people's guns. Much of what was posted appeared light on contextual facts, which I often find in many of Murdoch's other 'news' [if you can really call them that] offerings.


  • JFK was quoted as saying,
    • "Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion, without the discomfort of thought."

I surmise that JFK was charming his audience by including himself with the 'we', and that he must have imparted that advice knowing that people like Keith Rupert Murdoch were, and are, still out there.


How Inhumane are Murdoch & the Other People who run the NY Post?

I have included the two covers from the NY Post above, which in both cover story photos, appear to have included the man's small innocent child, who will surely be psychologically scarred the rest of his life.

Was this really the most important story of the day in New York City and the United States of America on August 28th and 30th, 2016? I don't think so.

I have included these two front page covers to demonstrate how truly indecent and insensitive Murdoch and his manipulative media machine appear to be.

It's worth noting that in London, Murdoch organization hires are alleged to have hacked over 5,000 people's phones to gather information of a private nature, in order to broadcast and publicize it to their audience. In spite of the billionaire's incredible political influence and legal team efforts, many of those hires were indicted and some convicted.

Click here to read more about the distasteful tales of how Rupert Murdoch's Manipulative Media empire appears to use its incredible power and influence in our society.

Murdoch Media: Propaganda 101

How Murdoch's Media Machine Appears to Manipulate Narratives to Put Their Political Puppets in Place

fox news propaganda machine

1. Change the Words, Change the Narrative & Change People's Perceptions

I believe the reason for this effort to elevate the bombing to a terrorist attack is that the Murdoch Manipulation Machine then wants to manage the narrative to suit their own purposes - which they oftentimes appear to do.

In the graphic at right are two prior Murdoch media headlines advocating for Murdoch candidates for the highest office in the land on two continents. While appearing to promote a Murdoch-favored candidate, they oftentimes also appear to significantly disparage or discredit the unfavored candidate.


How the Murdoch Org Propaganda Machine Appears to Initiate Distorted Storylines

Perception changes can be achieved by mobilizing several different media properties, orchestrated to provide a unified, repetitive and reinforcing set of narratives, that use the same theme, which are varied enough to echo invisibly through society, so that nobody knows that these reports have all originated from one source - save the great maestro of manipulation himself. See the small example of this above in reference to the recent Chelsea bombing.

Hitler & Goebbels were the early practicioners of this dark art and Murdoch appears to have updated it.

The Murdoch Manipulative Media Machine combatively tries to shame other news organizations into using certain WORDS or PHRASES in their reporting. All too often other information sources comply, and eventually begin echoing the words and phrases crafted by Murdoch's org, and thus validating them. Murdoch's organization is then in a position to muddy the waters even more by using these words and phrases to hype their own derivative narratives, which oftentimes seem to have a purpose that goes far beyond reporting the news.


2. Propaganda - Campaign Advertising as News

Create the Problem in People's Minds & Then Sell Them the Solution

fox news oreilly political advertising guidelinesBy being able to use the words "international terror" the accomplished Murdoch propagandists may then try to hype the story as a 'terrorist attack in New York City' and stoke loads of fear into the American public by reviving the memories of the World Trade Center terrorist attack 15 years ago.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2016, multi-millionaire Bill O' Reilly appeared to confirm one of the Murdoch 2016 election narratives in a video I found on Fox News. Bill does a beautiful job of crafting, manipulatively simplistic, propaganda pieces [see graphic above].

I can only surmise that the ultimate goal of such a narrative would be to get Americans to vote for the THE ONLY ONE or OUR ONLY HOPE candidate [slogans Murdoch has used to support candidates in the past] - the candidate who coincidentally is being heavily backed by Murdoch's manipulative media machine - Donald Trump. Trump currently has an edge in the polls vis a vis Clinton on national security and the economy [see O'Reilly inset graphic at right].

The yellow front and center script in the O'Reilly graphics at right and below, is mine.


3. Create Storyline Chaos - Then Craft a New Narrative

Is Millionaire O'Reilly Raking in the Cash, Selling Murdoch's Storyline Stash?

A frequent O'Reilly Factor theme this election has been terrorism. In fact terrorism seems to be a favorite Murdoch theme too, because he can use it to stir up great fear, and once people are frightened they panic and quit thinking.

bill o'reilly hypes fear nyc bomb attack terrorist attack bill oreilly sensationalizes incidentO'Reilly starts his monologue in various places, but almost always brings the viewer back to the same repetitive themes. Adolph Hitler was an early practitioner of modern propaganda, and as you will see in a quote below, Hitler basically said people will believe anything - even if untrue - if you keep repeating it. O'Reilly references propagandist Hitler, the Fuhrer, above.

The graphic at right is of a video segment on Fox on August 18, 2016 where Bill is talking about what appears to be a favorite Murdoch media organization theme this election cycle.

O'Reilly repeatedly tells us, that he tells it like it is. But Bill lives in Murdoch's Fox News Bizarro World, where many storylines appear to be sensationalized while others appear to get inverted. In the Bizarro World what's true is false, and what's false is true. The Bizarro world was a Superman comic book concept, but seems to have some relevance here today.

In the chaos, Murdoch's multi-media machine of manipulation can steal the news narrative and thus control the news - just like Murdoch's organization did while everyone was sleeping the night of the Bush - Gore election in November of 2000. Early Wednesday, November 8, 2000, Presidential candidate Al Gore went to bed the apparent winner of the U.S. Presidential election and later that morning woke up the loser. The Murdoch Fox News Network and the NY Post helped turned the tide by taking an early decisive stance telling the public Bush had won, after they had previously reported that Bush had lost. Less than three years later, in June of 2003 Murdoch appears to have been rewarded by Bush's FCC with a rollback of the TV Ownership Rules, which let Murdoch expand the Fox TV footprint in the United States significantly above what had been previously allowed by law.

Murdoch's propaganda machine appears to manipulate voters perceptions in English-speaking democracies around the globe. In the Brexit vote earlier this year in Britain, Murdoch's manipulative media machine appeared to tilt the vote in favor of exiting, which was reportedly in the best interests of the multi-billionaire media mogul [more on Brexit at the end].


4. Don't be Afraid - Tell the Big Lie

Truth in Advertising? O'Reilly Claims Plot by Democrats to stay off his Show [see inset below]

chelsea bomb explosion nycJust because Fox News says they are "fair and balanced" doesn't mean they are. In fact I'm pretty sure a respectable attorney could make a good case for that Fox slogan being incredibly misleading and even false advertising.

Mega-multi-millionaire talk show host Bill O'Reilly recently complained that Democrats won't come on his show [see inset graphic at right]. Can you really be fair and balanced if only one side appears on your show?

I can only surmise that the reason Democratic politicians and government officials pass up the opportunity for free publicity on one of the nation's four TV networks is because Bill O'Reilly and Fox News are just too damned 'fair and balanced' and that Democrats don't stand a chance on a fair playing field. See graphic above from the August 18, 2016 video post.

Please note that in both of the O' Reilly Factor shows referenced above, Bill is harping on the security theme in the wake of the Chelsea bomb incident.


5. Play Favorites. Use Unregulated Infommercials. Hide Behind First Amendment

Is Multi-Millionaire Hannity doing Hour Long Unpaid Political Infomercials?

half truths hannity show infommercials foxThe Hannity Show isn't managed much differently than the O'Reilly Factor Show. Sean Hannity, like O'Reilly is a mega-millionaire talk show host. Like O'Reilly, Hannity has done numerous Hannity Shows featuring Donald Trump, while not a one featuring Hillary Clinton during the 2016 general election cycle.

In the Republican presidential primaries, Hannity handled things the same way, by appearing to give Murdoch organization preferred candidates the most significant amounts of free airtime and favorable publicity.

Fair & Balanced: Hillary Clinton on Hannity - NOT

I did a search on YouTube for 'Hannity Clinton Sept 2016'. On page one [see graphic at right] I found all of the top listed Hannity Shows for that search, none of which featured Hillary Clinton herself, but rather all of them featuring Republicans, Conservatives, Julian Assange [who reportedly hates Hillary Clinton] and a disgruntled Hillary supporter [oh really?] talking about Hillary Clinton.

This provides readers with some notion that HALF TRUTH Hannity came by this reputation honestly - by living up to it. Half of the campaign 2016 story [aka Hillary Clinton] is nowhere to be found on Hannity, and mostly not on Fox News either.

Is Fox News Moniker 'Fair & Balanced' False Advertising?

This finding was funny, in a sick sort of reality TV kind of way. But what's disturbing is that this is not reality TV, but rather the real world. And the subject at stake is selecting the Leader of the Free World, who is going to be in charge of the the largest economy and military force in the world.

The graphic to your right shows Trump's campaign advisor, Rudy Giuliani, Newt Gringrich twice, Julian Assange and a disgruntled Hillary supporter for the first half dozen Hannity videos about Hillary Clinton on Hannity on YouTube. But there were no shows featuring Hillary Clinton herself on Hannity. Is this Murdoch's view of 'Fair & Balanced'?


3600 Second Political Infomercials?

The top six Hannity videos for Trump are all about Trump and his cohorts in a waft of Emmy Award winning sycophantic performances by the cheerleading school boy himself: Sean Hannity.

The Trump on Hannity shows appear to be 3600 seconds long infomercials - at least a half dozen and likely more of which Sean Hannity has done featuring Donald J. Trump in a promotional, evangelical style format.


6. Don't Break the Law - Have Your Candidates Change Them

Do Murdoch's Fox News Shows Violate the FCC Fair Use Exemption Rules?

Lowest Unit Charge. The question is whether Murdoch's organization is breaking a number of Federal Communications Commission laws surrounding the guidelines for political broadcasting. For example, if the Hannity Shows are really infommercials, then the both candidates are entitled to the same price per use as one another.

Fair Use. Appearances by a candidate on bona fide news program or documentary is not considered a use for which a broadcaster must appropriate the same amount of time for a political competitor. Thus, the question is whether the Hannity Show and the O'Reilly Factor constitute bona fide news programs, eligible for the equal time exemption.

O'Reilly has already shown us in his August 18, 2016 show that he doesn't cover Democrats who represent half the country, so is that then a news show or a special interest entertainment show? And Sean Hannity has repeatedly told real journalists that he's not one of them.


I Believe Him: For Over a Decade Sean Hannity Insists he is Not a Journalist

half wit hannity half truth hannity tonight on fox hannity show toniteSean Hannity has repeatedly flat out stated that he IS NOT A JOURNALIST - HE'S A TALK SHOW HOST dating back to 2004 and as recently as April 2016.

On the July 7, 2004, edition of Fox News Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity said,

"I'm not a journalist. I am an outspoken, compassionate, thoughtful, independent-thinking conservative -- a Reagan conservative, in my view. Unlike these other guys that claim to be fair."

Hannity appears to be stating openly that he's NOT FAIR, he's NOT A JOURNALIST, and he doesn't provide a fair & balanced account of things. He does this while Murdoch's Fox News puts their news icon in the lower left corner of the screen on his show, and even to this day they appear to cynically claim that they are 'Fair & Balanced'.

Please note that the white print inside the Sean Hannity graphic above is mine.

This year, on April 14, 2016, Hannity reiterated the same claim, telling the Huffington Post,

""I'm not a journalist, I'm a talk show host,"


7. Use Your Media Assets to Pick Political Leaders / Puppets?

Senator Ted Cruz Says Murdoch Picks Leaders of Australia, U.K. & now U.S.

Hiding Behind First Amendment Protections? Murdoch's organization appears to have successfully hidden behind protections similar to those provided by the First Amendment our nation, while illegally obtaining information in the Britain via phone hacking & bribery in the decade leading up to 2011. ted cruz fox news propaganda hannity hour long infommercials fox

It also appears that Murdoch's organization has been making huge, over-the-limit, direct campaign contributions to Murdoch-preferred candidates in the form of free ads disguised as news reports and infommercials disguised as talk shows.

The value of this sort of media / public relations support is worth tens of millions and likely hundreds of millions of dollars, which appear to be in-kind campaign finance contributions that go unreported because of the First Amendment exclusion.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz hit this point, albeit not quite as directly, on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 when he made the following statement on CNN,

"There is a broader dynamic at work, which is network executives have made a decision to get behind Donald Trump. Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes at Fox News have turned Fox News into the Donald Trump network, 24/7. Murdoch is used to picking world leaders in Australia and the United Kingdom, and we're seeing it here at home with the consequences for this nation."

The image at right shows a May 2016 Mediaite report regarding Ted's statement about Fox on CNN.

Murdoch's Fox News terse reply the same day was,

"Ted Cruz is wrong."

Murdoch Bizarro World Reply? The reason Murdoch's organization didn't say anything more is because, just like with their hacking of about 5,000 phones and bribery of government offical scandals in the U.K., and their sex discrimination or misconduct lawsuit at Fox in the U.S. [which reportedly cost Murdoch's organization $60 million in what some pundits termed 'HUSH MONEY'], Murdoch's organization minimizes the controversy and their time in the spotlight so folks don't begin to see them for what they really are .... which is that they are pretty much the same, and possibly worse, than the politicians and celebrities they skewer in their press.

These political media funding efforts should be reported as the in-kind campaign contributions that they are, and regulated as such. Ted Cruz isn't the only one who seems to believe that the Murdoch organization's propagandist practices appear to be a means through which they are tampering with elections.

Click here to see what's in it / why Murdoch's organization might be hell bent to support one candidate over another.


8. Repeat - Tell the BIG LIES - It Works

Hitler, Propaganda & the Big Lie

According to Wikipedia, in 1925 in his book, Mein Kampf, Adolph Hitler is quoted as saying,

adolph hitler  propaganda quote"If you tell a big enough lie, and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."

If anyone should know this, it would be professional propagandists. Deception is their trade and Half truths are lies. Hitler and Goebbels were among the earliest and most effective users of propaganda in the modern world. Hitler and Goebbels are to propaganda / mass market manipulations; what Freud is to psychology.

People have difficulty discussing Hitler rationally, because indirectly he was responsible for the deaths of the estimated 70 to 85 million people who died in WWII [3 to 4% of the world population]. But, as writer George Santayana warned us,

"Those who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it."

And thus, avoiding rational discussions of how Hitler came to power is no longer an unpleasantry we can afford. Hitler's and Goebbels use of propaganda as a means by which they got their way, appears to be a stategy and technique currently in use by some of the billiionaire press lords today.

Around the world, billiionaires have taken positions in large media brands, and oftentimes appear to use their manipulative media power, in unsuspecting democracies, to crush democratic free speech, while hiding behind its legislated protections. Australia, Italy, Britain and now the U.S. are among them


Joseph Goebbels Documentary Film Reviewed by Murdoch's NY Post in 2011

joseph goebbels nazi propagandist third reich

Based on Murdoch's exploits in Maggie Thatcher's campaign in the early 1980's and a review made by the NY Post of the film entitled Goebbels Experiment in 2011, it seems the Murdoch media machine is likely decades ahead of the rest of us in studying and practicing the craft of modern propaganda.

The documentary uses Goebbels' diary and orginal film clips to tell how Hitler, Goebbels and the Nazis took over Germany from within, before setting the entire world ablaze.


It was posted to YouTube by Rui Rebelo Gamboa and was a ZDF HDR Produktion by Spiegel TV in association with BBC and History Television Canada.

Click this link or the graphic at right to view the video. This has 191,373 views.

Note the white and black arrows I added in the graphic at right both the NY Post review and the date.


9. Confuse to Conquer - Turn Attackers' Accusations Back on Them

Pot Calling Kettle Black? James Murdoch Accuses the BBC of Propaganda in 2009

joseph goebbels nazi propagandist third reich In 2009, a couple of years before the Goebbels film was posted, Billionaire Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch's son, James Murdoch, a top ranking executive in Murdoch's organization, was quoted in an August 28th Taggart Lecture, accusing the BBC - which has long been a standard of journalism excellence like our own PBS - of propaganda.


James Murdoch added that the BBC was,

"dumping free, state-sponsored news on the market".

So it seems we all have some catching up to do, to thwart what appears to be the Murdoch machines' revived use of modern propaganda techniques to get what they want by undermining our democracies.



Epilogue: One Man / One Vote - or Murdoch's Choice?

Propagandists DON'T TRUST People to Make Their Own Decisions after a Fair Presentation of the Facts

So Anyone who Relies on a Propagandist News Source is Letting The Propagandists Steal Their Vote

fox news we decide

Political figures all-too-often seem to respond to the screaming tabloid headlines and the bellowing knuckleheaded talk show hosts of the billionaire-owned broadcast media.

In the graphic at right you can see just a few of Murdoch controlled media assets in America, including an NYC tabloid, Fox News and the Wall Street Journal.


Which means that if We The People want to live our lives in peace, and begin to seriously address some of the real issues facing our nation and our planet - then we must begin to start channeling our collective energies into supporting not just those candidates and government officials with honesty and intelligence but in the media well.


Was the Brexit Vote Stolen by a Billionaire Propagandist?

fair & balanced fox newsI think a lot of Brits were pondering this, after they had taken Murdoch's London Sun's newspaper guidance and voted For Brexit as Murdoch's Sun had instructed them to do [see graphic at right showing March 2016 headline with the Queen & June 2016 headline telling voters to leave the European Union].

Murdoch even went so far as to part with either British law or protocol by publishing a piece they ascribed to the Queen, who is required by law to remain silent on matters of state.

Was this false and deceitful propaganda - or did the Queen really oppose Brexit? We'll never know because Murdoch's newspaper's report was never factually verified by the Queens and she lodged a complaint.

But Murdoch's organization has published and broadcast false reports before, so it's possible there's an even or better chance that it was a false report, and that Murdoch's propaganda machine had 'gamed the system' in favor of Brexit, knowing the Queen couldn't publicly respond.

I read reports that many Brits felt that they had been misinformed, and also cheated, which is too bad because they may not have only screwed themselves, but their fellow countrymen as well.

I hope we Americans will not fall prey to the same sort of manipulation.

Murdoch's Manipulative Media Machine Tells People How To Vote on Three Continents

One example of which you can see in the above graphic.

New Yorkers go About Business as Usual Sunday

I attended the Mexican Day Parade which began at noon, after taking a crowded subway down the east side of Manhattan. I then visited the crime scene on 23rd Street, where photographers and the media were hanging out / watching the police and forensic experts analyze the debris.

chelsea bomb explosion nycPedestrians stopped to gaze as the NYPD made ongoing efforts to keep people moving. I asked one woman coming out of a nearby residential building if she knew exactly where the bomb exploded, and she smiled and said that she hadn't been paying close attention.

After shooting some photos of the detectives piecing together evidence needed to track down suspects, I made my way north along 7th Avenue. The subway entrance was closed at 23rd Street and also at 28th Street where a second device was found Saturday evening prior to it detonating [see photo at right]. I asked one of the policeman where the second bomb had been found and he told me that he only knew what he had read, seen and heard in the general news media prior to arriving to work. Things at both locales seemed under control and pretty calm.

I hopped on the subway going north at 34th Street and 7th Avenue. Again, like on the east side of Manhattan, the subway was crowded, indicating most folks weren't too concerned with the bomb explosion - at least not enough to curtail their Sunday activities. I went on up to the African American Parade in Harlem at Malcolm X Blvd and 111th Street - just north of Central Park, where I found large crowds celebrating the event.

In spite of all the bomb hype, it generally seemed to be a fairly ordinary Sunday in the city.

Supplemental Video & Information

For More on How the Murdoch Organization Appears to use Propaganda for Profit

Click here to learn more about Rupert Murdoch's history of propaganda publishing in a prior story we did, wherein you'll see a number of coincidental events where the Murdoch Machine backs a candidate for high office that wins, and legislation in subsequent years appears to magically go in their business interests favor.

I enjoyed watching more than one video where Murdoch appears to be so sincerely outraged that anyone would suggest that he's one of those people who are getting Quid Pro Quo favors from the government officials he backs by providing them with political campaign propaganda. Is this great acting by a master of deception, or is Murdoch telling the truth?

Was this small bomb incident in New York City an early sample of the October surprise that Murdoch's manipulative media outlets have been repetitively foreshadowing in their 'news' reports? Or does some anarchist out there have something else planned for an election October surprise? A surprise which can be amped and hyped out of context by the great manipulative propaganda machine to swing the U.S. election Murdoch's way?


OutFoxed: Murdoch's War on Journalism

Here's a sample of what appears to be a propagandist effort by the Murdoch Media Machine to manipulate the election in 2004. The video is called OutFoxed: Murdoch's War on Journalism and has had over 362,861 views.

As the video says, ask yourself whether Fox News is fair & balanced ... or unfair & unbalanced?

Cut & paste this link - - or click on the image below at right.

outfoxed video murdochs war on journalismIf you don't have much time, go to 59.30 minutes / seconds for a classic propagandist labeling of John Kerry as a flip flopper by Murdoch's Manipulative Machine. It appears the film makers take a bit of an anti-Republican bent, but I think Murdoch uses his sporadic alliances with Conservatives to muddy the waters enough, so that undiscerning Conservatives will be distracted from the real issue of the day - which is media fairness and an honest communal discussion of public issues.

Is Their Fair & Balanced Slogan False Advertising?

Do They Think our Legal System is a Joke?

joseph goebbels nazi propagandist third reich The O'Reilly Factor in an August 18, 2016 said that Democrats won't come on his show. And Hannity said he's not a journalist and has been doing numerous hour long programs that look like infommercials for only one party and only one presidential candidate. If that's not unfair and unbalanced, then what is?

Jon Stewart mocks Fox News 'Fair & Balanced' slogan because it's so far from the truth as to be laughable. The type in white in the graphic at right is mine.

If we as a society want to have an intelligent dialogue about what we agree and disagree upon regarding the issues of the day, and want to have access to the fair and accurate information we need to select government officials, we're going to have to reign in these powerful propagandistic practices - because they are simply undemocratic. They distract, deceive, distort and disrupt any sort of calm, controlled, fact-based conversations we need to have with one another about how we want to organize ourselves as a society.

I recognize that other news organizations have a subjective bias that is in fact oftentimes liberal. But as near as I can tell, none of them even come close to running the kind of well-oiled, one-sided, manipulative propaganda machine that Murdoch appears to run. His influence is comparable to that of rulers in Russia and China where the state owns or heavily influences somewhere between most and all of the media. This sort of influence and control is probably more comparable to the kind of influence Hitler had as Chancellor of Germany leading up to WWII, versus the diminished influence a political leader has in western, democratic, English-speaking nations.


How Long Can the Murdoch Media Org Keep Circumventing Campaign Finance Law?

adolph hitler rupert murdoch great propagandists of last century

Is Murdoch circumventing campaign finance limits by disguising what appear to be propagandist reports as 'newscasts' and then claiming a First Amendment Exclusion for what appears to really be, political campaign advertising?

The image at right shows Australian Financial Review [AFR] coverage of the Murdoch hacking scandal in Britain in July 2011.

The Fox News Facebook Page appears to provide those who visit it with an alternative universe of what I reckon to be NOT the Conservative view of the world, and certainly NOT the world as we know it, but rather of the world as Murdoch wants his audience to view it.

It seems to combine a melange of opinionated propagandist style opinions with what appears to be huge unrecorded campaign contributions by Murdoch's Organization in the form of free ads & publicity that are thinly disguised as 'news accounts' for Murdoch's favored political candidate.


Why is Murdoch Not Mentioned as one of the Suspects Who are Hacking this Election?

fox news rupert murdoch hacking crimes

There's one international organization which has a 'great' expertise and history of hacking, that appears to have the means and the motive to hack the Democrats, and hasn't yet been mentioned in the press as a suspect.

Coincidentally, the ex-wife of the man leading this organization aka Wendi Deng, is rumored to be in a relationship with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.

And yet it's the Russian President, who thus far, has been alleged to have hacked the U.S. election.

Is it possible that any of this is related?

Murdoch's organization also appears to have made repeated attempts, using multiple media outlets, to try to gain traction with the narrative that the multiple site hackings in Washington this summer, including of the Democratic Party, originated in Russia.

The storyline narrative has been slow to catch on as professional journalists know that the FBI has not completed its work - so nobody really knows who did the hackings except the perpetrators themselves. But over time, more media outlets are adding credence to what appears to be the Murdoch Media Machine inspired storyline.

The image at right shows a Guardian newspaper story about Murdoch during the British phone hacking scandal in 2012.

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