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Fox News Propaganda: Fox TV Biased Coverage of U.S. Presidential Election 2016 Propaganda Fox TV News

Apr 19, 2017 at 02:05 pm by mikewood

murdoch fox tv propaganda news fox biased reporting democratic republican conventions 2016 fox news tv propaganda usa

Proof of Murdoch's Fox News Propagandist Practices?

During July Conventions Murdoch's Fox News Treated Candidates like Polar Opposites - see Original Data Inside

November 3, 2016 / NYC Neighborhoods / Murdoch Fox News Propaganda & NY Post Fake News / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC.


Fox News Webcast 10 Times More for Trump than Clinton

fox news biased reporting propaganda fox news murdochDuring the Republican and Democratic Conventions in July 2016 I logged the headlines posted on the Fox News website at the top of the page.The news analysis study period begins Monday July 18, 2016 and runs through Thursday July 28, 2016.


The graphic at right shows the three areas of the Fox News website that I used for the analysis including 1) the top left box, which includes a number of top headlines, 2) the video boxes along the right side bar and 3) the three columns of stories just below the top box.


The following data which I included below contains the headline tabulations and the assignment of them to categories - so that you can judge for yourself how representative the numbers I am presenting are of Murdoch's Fox News treatment of the two candidates.


Essentially Murdoch's Fox News webcast 72 positive stories about Donald Trump versus 7 positive headlines about Hillary Clinton, during the July Republican and Democratic Conventions.



Fox News Webcast 7 Times More for Clinton than Trump

Conversely Murdoch's Fox News webcast Donald Trump with 13 negative stories, while webcasting Hillary Clinton 95 negative stories. There were 32 neutral headlines regarding Hillary Clinton, and 14 neutral headlines regarding Donald Trump. This totals 233 headlines and there were another 113 that were unrelated to either candidate.

Murdoch History of Meddling in Democratic Elections

rupert murdoch evil madmanRupert Murdoch appears to have a decades-long history of meddling in the elections of English speaking democracies around the world. Back in the 1960's he always had a tag line which he made sure to include in his interviews which is that he wanted "diversity in the media".

At best this interview tagline of his is insincere, as he owns over 60% of Australia newspapers, which is considered a monopoly share in our country, and he has controlling interest in Australian satellite television [see for details].

Promoting Politically Favored & Punishing the Opposition?

In the 1970's / 1980's Rupert Murdoch reportedly helped Margaret Thatcher win the Prime Minister position three times in Britain. And in her last campaign, he reportedly savaged the opposition which was leading in the polls until the end.

An American political science professor has studied the last of her victorious campaigns and it's worth repeating the lessons of it.

According to Professor James P. Allan who is a political scientist at Wittenberg University in Dublin, Ohio, Opposition Leader Neil Kinnock noted in his resignation speech in April 1992 the following,

"I make, and I seek, no excuses, and I express no bitterness, when I say that the Conservative-supporting press has enabled the Tory Party to win yet again when the Conservative Party could not have secured victory for itself on the basis of its record, its programme or its character."

Professor Allan goes on to tell us,

"In both 1987 and 1992, the Labour Party again had to deal with an extremely hostile national press, which relentlessly attacked Labour and its Leaders often using dubious evidence and arithmetic to question Labour's tax and spending plans. McKie cites several studies which suggest that the press had an influence on the outcome of the 1992 election, accounting for what appeared to be a late swing to the Conservatives."

Or Hyping the Favoreds & 'Bludgeoning the Opposition"?

rupert murdoch evil madmanIn the Australian election of 2013, Murdoch's media outlets reportedly bludgeoned the opposition. According to an August 27, 2013 report in Bloomberg,

"[Murdoch's organization in Sydney's Daily Telegraph has depicted] Labor leader Rudd ... as a bungling Nazi commandant, Kermit the Frog and a bank robber ... [and] whose front-page salvo on the first day of the campaign was "Kick This Mob Out." Murdoch's News Corp. is "taking a club to our government," Rudd said
August 23 ... on at least 20 occasions he and his ministers have accused the company of bias in the 24 days since the September 7th poll was set."

"News Corp.'s "attacks these days are much more sledgehammer brutal and unscrupulous than before," said John Menadue, the nation's most senior civil servant from 1974 to 1976, who managed Murdoch's Sydney operations
for the preceding seven years."

Fact or Fiction: Voldemort or VoldeMurdoch?

Murdoch's morphing of older, established, trusted media brands into propaganda outlets, was well depicted by J.K. Rowling in her Harry Potter books. In the Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix, she captured in part what I feel I've been witnessing this year - how an audience slowly begins to realize that the information they are being served is crap. In the Harry Potter book the young wizards of Hogwarts School of Magic slowly come to the realization that the Daily Prophet - a centuries old, trusted, news source - has become insidiously corrupted by Lord Voldemort.

Click here to read the rest of our report on Rupert Murdoch's Fox News bias in covering the 2016 Republican & Democratic Conventions.

Proof of Murdoch's Fox News Propagandist Practices?

During July Conventions Murdoch's Fox News Treated Candidates like Polar Opposites - see Original Data Below

November 3, 2016 / NYC Neighborhoods / Murdoch Fox News Propaganda & NY Post Fake News / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz NYC. Continued.

Narratives Based on Allegations & Innuendo - They Seem to Specialize in Blending Fact with Fiction

It appears that Keith Rupert Murdoch organization's fingerprints are all over the recent bombshell FBI email announcement.

rupert murdoch lies deceitFox News was the first to break the story on Friday, October 28, 2016. Fox News Megyn Kelly was on the air Friday afternoon with guest speakers ready to address the 'breaking news'.

  • Yahoo Finance reports that the news came from,

"an internal FBI memo obtained by Fox News"

... only eleven days before the election.

Life Imitates Art & Art Imitates Life

Create & Manage Chaos: Frank Underwood in Fictitious House of Cards & Rupert Murdoch's Fox?

Note, the FBI announcement didn't contain any new FACTS, except that they found emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop.

Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, doesn't know how they got there.

For all we know, it's possible her husband could have been hacked, and the emails could have been placed there by Australian born, Wiki Leaks Founder, Julian Assange. Separate, but related, according to a January 12, 2011 headline on CBS News, Assange claimed,

"I've Got Dirt On Rupert Murdoch Too"

The FBI announcement gives Murdoch's manipulative propaganda machine something to work with - like Frank Underwood in the second Season of House of Cards. Create chaos and then manage and profit from it.

Because while everyone else is scrambling to make sense of the what's going on, people like Frank Underwood and Keith Rupert Murdoch, are executing their game plans. The image above shows Fox Hannity on the TV series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey as an autocratic ruler. We've added a photo of Murdoch, because he and Spacey's character seem to have a few things in common.

Murdoch's NY Post & WSJ Fingerprints on Weiner / Huma Abedin Story

  • rupert murdoch meddling elections Murdoch's NY Post broke the Weiner story in August.
  • CBS News tells us that the Murdoch's Wall Street Journal was also closely watching the Weiner case,

"In early October, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal's Devlin Barrett, agents investigating Anthony Weiner notified McCabe that a laptop had been discovered that could contain emails pertinent to the separate investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server. FBI investigators originally looked through the laptop looking for child pornography, and required another court order to look for emails relating to the server to-and-from Weiner's wife, Clinton aide Huma Abedin."

The Wall Street Journal used to be a financial newspaper and now they're covering sexting stories and political intrigue? Or is Rupert Murdoch, known as the 'Dirty Digger' in Britain, using the Wall Street Journal brand to legitimate innuendo? The FBI did not obtain the search warrant for the emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop until about a full month later, on October 29, 2016.

Also, it's worth noting that the Anthony Weiner sexting allegations originated in Britain by a peer newspaper of Murdoch's, the Daily Mail.

In the photo at right is a still photo from the April 2013 BBC documentary video Battle With Britain, showing how Murdoch uses his newspapers to shape public perception.

The Dirty Digger Strikes Again?

Based on Murdoch's past, the Weiner / Abedin / Clinton email story is likely to have great appeal to him. rupert murdoch use of propaganda

Rupert Murdoch made his multi-billion dollar fortune by digging up and publishing other people's dirty laundry. First he started with pols and celebrities and eventually his organization was caught and prosecuted for hacking phones of, among others, the mother of a murdered daughter.

Murdoch's organization used these EXCLUSIVES to win ratings and readers for their newspapers - if you can really call them that. Murdoch appears to enjoy making money publishing sex and horror stories and he appears to have a high interest in corruption ... stories. See a related piece we did on Murdoch exploring possible quid pro quo corruption.

And it's precisely this sort of story - the FBI finding another computer with emails - that can restart the conversation and change the narrative and soundbytes that will be on people's minds as they enter the voting booths.

The April 2013 BBC documentary video reports that one of Murdoch's first big stories in Britain was done by digging up a call girl, and re-activating the old story with some fresh new angle to what was refried beans.


Change the Narrative Just Before the Election & Change What's on Voters' Minds as they Head to Polls & Win

It Won't Matter that You Lied - Only that You Win

rupert murdoch use of propagandaMy study of Murdoch shows me that changing the news narrative right before the voting begins is CLASSIC MURDOCH.


Using the propagandist's headlines to influence other media outlets SO THAT EVEN EVEN AS THEY ARE DOWNPLAYING OR DEFENDING A CANDIDATE, THEY ARE INADVERTENTLY HYPING THE STORY and adding to its impression - particularly in low information voters' minds.


And in any case the narrative of what people are talking about has changed, so that a lot of confused, low information voters will pull the lever based on the last thing they heard in the news.


Soundbyte Election Recall - 'Crooked' Hillary or Pick a Nasty Name for Trump

In this election it's the soundbyte of 'crooked hillary' or 'groping trump', 'lying trump', 'cheating trump', 'pay no taxes trump', 'insult mothers of slain veterans trump', 'racist trump', 'bankrupt trump', 'outsource American jobs trump' and 'unfit temperament trump'.

CHANGING THE NARRATIVE: Murdoch's Fox News Narrative Impact on the 2000 Election

rupert murdoch uses hitlers strategiesAccording to a Washington Post story on November 8, 2000,

"At 2:16 a.m., Fox News Channel declared Bush the winner in Florida. Within four minutes, NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC did the same. The AP said the race was still too close to name a winner. Fox made the call based on its analysis of the vote count - it believed Bush's lead was so large there was no way Gore could overcome it given what experts knew about ballots left uncounted, said John Moody, Fox News Channel's vice president of news and editorial quality.

He said Fox did not make its call based on any advice from VNS. In fact, because of the earlier mistake on Gore, "we were all aware that their model was not perfect," he said.

Why were the other networks so quick to follow?

"It's competitive," pollster John Zogby said on Fox News Channel."One network does it and it creates a panic among the other networks."

The graphic at right shows Murdoch in his limousine and one real headline 'Bush Wins' from his NY Post, alongside a headline I wrote capturing what I believe he really means, 'Fox Wins'.



Ailes Testifies to Congress January 2001

We found quotes posted by of the testimony made by Fox News Chief Roger Ailes to a House Committee investigating the early decision announcing victory by George W. Bush in the 2000 election to contradict the quotes of Fox VP John Moody published in the Washington Post [above] as well as Fox Consultant & Bush cousin John Ellis [contained within the following].

rupert murdoch use of propaganda"Ailes's Statement - Ailes blames VNS for Fox's "mistakes" in its reporting, saying: "As everyone knows, Voter News Service, a consortium with a good track record, gave out bad numbers that night. In the closest race in history the wheels apparently came off a rattle trap computer system which we relied on and paid millions for." He claims, "Through our self-examination and investigation we have determined that there was no intentional political favoritism in play on election night on the part of Fox News."

Ailes does not mention his choice to use Ellis as Fox's election night anchor in his verbal statement, but in a written statement he submits to the committee, he says that Ellis was not the person who made the final decision to declare Florida for Bush. The news division's vice president, John Moody, made the final call. As for hiring Ellis, he praises Ellis's professionalism and experience, and writes: "We at Fox News do not discriminate against people because of their family connections. I am more than happy to give you examples of offspring of famous politicians who are employed at Fox News."

He also says that he was aware that Ellis was speaking to both George W. and Jeb Bush throughout the night, and writes: "Obviously, through his family connections, Mr. Ellis has very good sources. I do not see this as a fault or shortcoming of Mr. Ellis. Quite the contrary, I see this as a good journalist talking to his very high level sources on election night." Though Ellis has freely admitted to sharing VNS data with both Bushes, Ailes writes, "Our investigation of election night 2000 found not one shred of evidence that Mr. Ellis revealed information to either or both of the Bush brothers which he should not have, or that he acted improperly or broke any rules or policies of either Fox News or VNS."


Ailes Apologizes for Fox Early Election 2000 Bush Victory Call

According to a November 6, 2012 article in Media,

"In the Congressional hearings that followed the election-night debacle, Roger Ailes began his testimony with a conciliatory note, admitting, "Fox News, along with all the other television networks, made errors on election night which cannot be repeated, the biggest of which occurred in Florida." Ailes continued, "Fox News acknowledges here that it failed the American public on Election Night and takes full responsibility for this failure."


Fact & Fiction - Murdoch's Specialty? The AirForce One Vandalism Lies

fox news bias 2016 presidential electionAccording to, regarding false January 2001 reports the Clintons had vandalized Air Force One.

"Fox had been at the forefront of repeating, and embellishing, reports of vandalism and theft carried out by Clinton staffers in the last days of their administration. After the General Services Administration (GSA) reports that none of the reports were true (see May 18, 2001), Fox acknowledges on the air that its reporting had been false. Two days later, Fox News Sunday host Tony Snow, who had accused the Clinton staffers of vandalizing and looting Air Force One (see January 26, 2001), admits his error. "OK, I'm sorry," Snow says. "The ex-president's pals have a legitimate beef."

Murdoch's Fox News has an FCC license and they appear to be using our public airwaves to misinform the public in a manner not unlike what Adolph Hitler did some 80 years ago in Germany.


Murdoch's Propagandist Techniques Appear to have Come From Hitler Propagandist Playbook

The techniques Murdoch's propaganda machine appear to have come straight out of the Nazi Fuhrer's playbook. This was one of the most stunning findings of the research I've done over the past six months. One of the Hitler quotes is,

fox news bias 2016 democratic convention republican convention"The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category."

Both Murdoch and Trump appear to have successfully done just that. Does the mainstream and elitest media sound familiar?

This has been no small project, and we are not well funded, so you can help us keep these coming by making a donation using the icon at the bottom of the front page.

Methodology & Approach on Documenting Fox Republican and Democrat Convention Coverage July 2016

1. Lumped Pro RNC and Pro DNC in with the candidates, but it was a small part of very negative campaign
2. Duplicates counted when they were posted multiple times or on more than one day.
3. Law & order & Security hyped during Conventions
4. Murdoch commentators oftentimes spun / interpreted for Trump
5. Fri & Sat 7/29 & 7/30 didn't do because I hadn't yet planned / figured out what I was going to do with the info I had begun collecting.
6. Didn't have the resource to delve into the content at this time, so used the headlines as a proxy.
7. [Anecdotally at this date] - When there was negative news for Trump, the number of Fox 'not related stories' appeared to rise.

9. These are not in order but you can use the spreadsheet numbers at left to order them yourself to verify. I still have three more months to do, with added relevant narrative.

Editor's note. Spreadsheet files below need backend source relocation.