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Fox News Propaganda: How Murdoch Made Trump President

Apr 19, 2017 at 12:27 pm by mikewood

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How Critical was Rupert Murdoch in Making Trump the Republican Nominee & in Keeping Trump in Contention for the Presidency?


Rupert Murdoch had Apartment in Trump Tower for Years

rupert murdoch election tamperingOctober 31, 2016 / Bronx Neighborhoods / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz.


Is Rupert Murdoch using his Media Outlets as Propaganda Machines to Sway the Underinformed to Vote for His - NOT Their Own - Interests?

Multi-billionaire, Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch lived in Trump Towers for two to three years according to During that time Murdoch's then-wife, Wendi Deng, became good friends with Trump's daughter Ivanka. In 2008, Deng reportedly helped Ivanka and her husband reconcile by inviting them to Rupert's yacht - without either of them knowing the other would be there.

It appears Wendi and Ivanka remain friends as they've been seen conversing together at numerous events in 2016 including while reportedly vacationing in Croatia. Thus it should come as no surprise that Rupert Murdoch heavily backed Trump's bid for the Republican nomination, telling Republican government officials and voters that they would be "Mad not to support him [Trump]".

In the photo at right Rupert Murdoch and Donald J. Trump are shown at one of Trump's golf courses. Murdoch who is not a British citizen supported the Brexit vote, which American military generals have said weakens NATO's standing vis a vis periodically hostile foreign nations like Putin's Russia. We'll have more on what the Brexit vote means for average Brits, a bit further down in this story.


Globetrotting Murdoch has Controlling Interest in Fox, NY Post & WSJ and Appears to have Few Loyalties

rupert murdoch election tamperingRupert Murdoch has controlling interest in Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the NY Post, Barron's and the National Geographic along with numerous television stations and smaller newspapers.

Rupert Murdoch appears to have a long history of swaying voters to vote against their own interests by using propagandist techniques to manipulate them. Propagandist techniques include using half truths, hyping stories either favorable or unfavorable, and creating chaos while badgering other members of the press, politicians and the public into accepting well scripted narratives.

It appears the 2016 U.S. presidential election is no different, and quite possibly the Murdoch Manipulative Media Machine is on steroids this year.


Murdoch Appears to Use Media Outlets as Propaganda Machines by Controlling the Narrative in Britain and the U.S.

rupert murdoch election tamperingWe've documented prior occurrences in Britain where Murdoch appears to use his media outlets to sway his audiences to vote for the billionaire media mogul's interests, by convincing his audiences that they are voting for their own.

In the graphic at right, Murdoch's Sun, the largest newspaper in Britain, publicly beats its Tarzan-like chest telling the British public that it was them - Murdoch's newspapers - that won the election for Thatcher. That would seem to confirm that Murdoch runs a political propaganda machine and that his audience should be wary of trusting Murdoch media outlets.

Murdoch's 'Media Coup d' Etat' in 2000 U.S. Presidential Election

During the 2000 presidential election the rest of the American press remained silent, as Murdoch's NY Post and Fox News changed the presidential election results narrative and headlines, by leveraging the chaos in Florida to overturn the electoral college vote outcome in the middle of the night. Sadly, the rest of the American media dumbfoundedly followed. To use an expression Fox commentator Newt Gingrich's spoke this year, it appeared to be a media coup d'etat.

In congressional testimony in 2001, Fox News Chief Roger Ailes apologized for Fox News calling Bush the victor in the presidential election in November of 2000. But while Ailes apologized, can one doubt that he knew full well that his news treatment of election results made a significant difference in the outcome? And did he know that his apology to the Congressional Committee wouldn't make any difference at all? Adolph Hitler said something to the effect that in war [or elections], it doesn't matter if you lie - only that you win - because if you win, then how much you lied won't matter.


Have Hitler & Goebbels, the Earliest & Most Successful Practicioners of Modern Propaganda, been Eclipsed by Rupert Murdoch's use of the Dark Arts?

rupert murdoch election tamperingAdolph Hitler is the father of modern media propaganda. Hitler and Goebbels used propaganda to convince the German people of many things that just plainly were not true. They did so by telling half truths, distorting events by sensationalizing allegations, and hyping innuendo against their opposition. Hitler and Goebbels also downplayed, distorted or distracted the public from their own failings, negatives and misdeeds.


To manipulate the public Hitler and Goebbels created their propaganda using half truths which they mixed in some factually correct stories, so that the distortions of the truth and outright lies wouldn't be so easily detected. Ultimately Hitler and Goebbels played upon the German people's prejudices and roused their emotions to stir them to do horrible things. This is the nature of propaganda, as by arousing emotions, while creating chaos and confusion, propagandists are able to get people to make decisions based on half truths and emotion - instead of making intelligent decisions based on a full gathering of all of the facts, and a thoughtful evaluation of them based on human REASON - AND FULL DISCLOSURE. In civilized societies we call this the truth.


I know discussions of Hitler tend to be unpleasant given the atrocities he committed. But given current day events, it is imperative that people understand how Hitler INSIDIOUSLY came to power, before he took the world into a war that cost 70 - 80 million people their lives. As the 20th century writer George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember [learn from] the past, are condemned [or doomed?] to repeat it"".


Murdoch Seems to use Media Outlets as Propaganda Machines for his Own Benefit

rupert murdoch election tamperingMurdoch reportedly called off Fox commentator Megyn Kelly, after she took Trump to task in one of the Republican primary debates. Fox commentator Bill O'Reilly is apparently a friend of Trump's [see photo at right] who has also provided Trump with an 'open mike' providing Trump with virtually unlimited access for near hour long infomercials, while unleashing a near incessant barrage of attacks on his opponent.

Roger Ailes, who stepped down as the Fox News Chief following multiple allegations of his sexual misconduct, has reportedly taken a role in an advisory capacity in the Trump campaign. Fox commentator Sean Hannity has been stridently advocating for the Trump campaign for over a year. Hannity is rumored to be positioning himself for a spot with a Trump Administration - should Trump win the presidency.

Previously we did a story about how Murdoch appears to have benefitted by backing high level politicians, who subsequently made changes to the legal framework governing media in Britain and the United States.

Record-Breaking, Unrecorded Campaign Contributions by Murdoch

Murdoch isn't required to report his payment-in-kind infomercial-like coverage of candidates he favors, nor provide fair access to Trump competitors [because the Fair Use Doctrine was repealed under what may have been Murdoch influence - click link above to see a story we did looking into that]. Nor is Murdoch limited in the free attack coverage he can provide for the Trump Campaign against their opponents - because Murdoch is able to use the First Amendment loophole to make what appear to be record-breaking, unrecorded campaign, advertising contributions. It used to be called PROPAGANDA.


Click here to read the rest of our report about how it appears Rupert Murdoch helped make Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee and how Murdoch's propaganda outlets including Fox News, the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal appear to have kept Donald Trump in contention for the presidency.

How Critical was Rupert Murdoch in Making Trump the Republican Nominee & in Keeping Trump in Contention for the Presidency?

Murdoch had an Apartment in Trump Tower for Years

October 31, 2016 / Bronx Neighborhoods / News Analysis & Opinion / Gotham Buzz. Continued.

Globetrotting Media Mogul Appears to be Treated Like Head of State by China & Russia - Who is Really in Charge?

rupert murdoch election tamperingIn the photo at right, Keith Rupert Murdoch, who wields controlling interest in Newscorp and 21st Century Fox - two of America's largest media companies, is seen talking to the Chinese President within the past few years. In the photos I found while researching this story, the multi-billionaire press lord appeared to be greeted and treated as if he were a head of state.

But one could say that this makes sense, given that Murdoch's companies own a monopoly share [two thirds] of Australia's newspapers, and a controlling interest in Australia's satellite television network, even though Murdoch is no longer a citizen of that nation. One might conjecture that Australia has been taken over by a foreign power - Keith Rupert Murdoch.

In Britain, where Murdoch is also not a citizen, Rupert Murdoch just advocated and helped win the vote for Brexit. In the months that followed the Brexit vote, the British currency and real estate markets fell, reducing British citizens' purchasing power, net worths and the referendum vote is expected to cause a loss of corporate jobs and business growth because conducting business in and from Britain will soon include limits reaching the rest of the European market that one won't encounter while Britain is still a member of the European market.

The Brexit vote was reported to be good for multi-billionaire Keith Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch was quoted as saying the reason he supported Brexit was that he can tell Downing Street [the British White House] what to do, whereas he cannot tell Brussels [the European Union capital] what to do.


Is Murdoch Exercising Undue Influence over U.S. Public Policy by Using his Media Outlets as Political Propaganda Machines to Install & Protect Politicians?

rupert murdoch election tamperingMurdoch appears to have managed to manipulate voters to betray the Republican Party by selecting Trump as their nominee. And he appears to be trying to manipulate the outcome of the U.S. presidential election on November 8th.


Is Murdoch manipulating American voters to betray themselves - and quite possibly their fellow countrymen - by totally accepting the distorted half truths perpetrated by Fox News, the NY Post and the Wall Street Journal vis a vis the 2016 election?

Click into the links at the end of this story to see how Murdoch appears to have benefitted from proximity to powerful politicians that his media outlets have helped into high government office the past.


We've done four related stories - Rupert Murdoch Hacking our Democracy - Corruption? - Rupert Murdoch's Fox & NY Post Propaganda Factory? & Rupert Murdoch's NY Propagandist Post Publicly Pounding NYC Mayor de Blasio and Fox News propagandist coverage of 2016 presidential election / conventions? and for the full section dedicated to Rupert Murdoch, NY Post, Fox News and the rise of the Propagandist Press.