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Central Bronx Neighborhoods - Central Bronx News

Sep 20, 2017 at 08:45 pm by mikewood

central bronx neighborhoods central bronx news belmont bedford park kingsbridge fordham neighborhoods bronx west farms crotona east tremont mount hope morris heights university heights norwood news bronx neighborhoods nyc

central bronx neighborhoods central bronx news belmont bedford park kingsbridge fordham neighborhoods bronx west farms crotona east tremont mount hope morris heights university heights norwood news bronx neighborhoods nyc


Feast of St Anthony in the Bronx

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church Celebrates the Feast of St Anthony in the Arthur Avenue & Belmont Neighborhood of the Bronx

feast of st anthony bronx our lady of mount carmel church bronx italian neighborhoods bronx italian restaurants belmont neighborhood bronx photo near arthur avenueSeptember 18, 2018 / Belmont Neighborhood Bronx / Things To in the Bronx / Bronx Restaurants / Bronx Buzz NYC.


Around the beginning of the summer I had the pleasure of attending the 112th annual Feast of St Anthony at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church at 627 East 187th Street in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx. The affair began on Wednesday June 13th and ran through Sunday, June 17th.

I arrived on a Saturday at the triangle of streets joining Cresent Avenue, Cambreleng Avenue & 187th Street in the Little Italy section of the Belmont neighborhood in the Bronx. I shot some video capturing some of the rides, games, raffles, food and entertainment, which was present every night of the fair.



Andrew Freedman Home in the Bronx

Early 1920's Old Folks Home in Continuing State of Transition

January 22, 2018 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Real Estate & Business / Bronx History & Bronx Historic Houses / Bronx Buzz NYC.

andrew freedman home bronx historic homes bronx historic houses bronx nycLast summer I made my way north along the Grand Concourse, past the Bronx Museum to take a look at the legendary Andrew Freeman Home. The home was built about four stories high and of limestone following Freedman's death in 1915. Construction began in 1922 and it opened in 1924. In 1992 it became a designated New York City landmark. In the photo at right you can see the Andrew Freedman Home standing three stories high, as the fourth story is at the ground level in the back of the building.

Andrew Freedman was the New York Giants Baseball Team Owner

The man who founded the home, was the legendary Andrew Freedman, who was born in 1860 and went on to become the owner of the National League New York Giants baseball team from 1895 to 1907. The New York Giants baseball team is said to have tried to deprive the New York Highlanders, which are the present day New York Yankees, of getting a start in baseball, by preventing them from playing at the Manhattan Polo Grounds, which were located at the northeast end of Central Park in Harlem.

The New York Giants were founded in 1883 and moved out to San Francisco after the 1957 season ended, in the same year that the Brooklyn Dodgers moved out to Los Angeles - thus bringing the teams' ongoing rivalry with them to the west coast- while leaving New York City with only one baseball team - the New York Yankees.

The Brooklyn Dodgers were said to have departed the city because they were having trouble with NYC's Master Builder Robert Moses, regarding the use of a proper baseball stadium that would be capable of accommodating the large crowds attracted to the Brooklyn Dodgers games. Andrew Freedman also purchased controlling ownership in the Baltimore Orioles of the American League for a short period of time.

Diaz to Give State of the Boro Address

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz to Give State of the Borough of Bronx Address 2/22/18

January 29, 2018 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Politics & Government / Bronx Buzz NYC.

bronx things to do bronxLast Friday I briefly met Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. at the Frank Sinatra School in Astoria Queens. We were both attending Melinda Katz State of the Borough Address to Queens. Bronx Borough President Diaz was there along side a number of other elected officials including but not limited to U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, NYS State Senator Leroy Comrie, and a number of mostly Queens NY City Councilmembers.

The Bronx Borough President is slated to give his Bronx State of the Borough Address on Thursday, February 22nd at the Bronx High School of Science at 75 West 205th Street at Goulden Avenue near the Jerome Park Reservoir in the Jerome Park / Bedford Park neighborhood of the Bronx. The doors open at 10.30 am and the speech is slated to begin at 11.30 am. You can rsvp a free ticket / seat by going to

Diaz entered politics at age 23, one of the youngest people to enter the legislature since Theodore Roosevelt, according to Wikipedia. Wikipedia also notes that Diaz graduated from Lehman College in the Bronx with a degree in Political Theory.

Diaz has been Bronx Borough President since 2009, and this will be his eighth State of the Borough Address. Diaz was allowed to serve three terms as Bronx President [the office is currently limited to two four year terms], due to a roll back of term limits by Mayor Bloomberg, so Bloomberg could legally serve a third term as the Mayor. The term limits were then reinstated in 2010 after Bloomberg won the third term, but the elected officeholders in place at the time [which included Bronx Borough President Diaz], were allowed to serve a third term, based on the legislation guiding the reinstated term limits.

In any case, I am looking forward to hearing what Bronx Borough President Diaz has to say.

Italian Restaurants & Arthur Avenue

May 2017 / Belmont Neighborhood Bronx / Bronx Restaurants Little Italy / Bronx Buzz NYC.

arthur avenue bronx italian restaurants arthur avenue belmont neighborhood bronxI visited Arthur Avenue recently while exploring the central neighborhoods in the Bronx. Arthur Avenue is known as the Little Italy of the Bronx because Italians have owned and operated restaurants there for nearly a century.

The street is only five blocks long and is located just south of Fordham University, beginning at the north end at Fordham Road. Near the center of Arthur Avenue is a retail emporium called the Arthur Avenue Retail Market that legend says that Fiorello LaGuardia spearheaded back in the 1930's.

The Arthur Avenue Retail Market is home to a number of shops and restaurants including the maker of handmade cigars, as well as a local brew pub.

Along the rest of Arthur Avenue you'll find some quaint streets, as well as a number of Italian restaurants and bakeries.

Arthur Avenue is located near both the Bronx Zoo and the Bronx Botanical Gardens, so it's a nice place to refresh either on your way in or on your way out.

The photo at right was taken at Enzo's Restaurant across from the Arthur Avenue Retail Market.


History of the Edgar Allen Poe Cottage in the Bronx

House Edgar Allan Poe Spent his Last Couple Years

bronx things to do bronxAugust 16, 2017 / Bronx Neighborhoods - Fordham / Bronx Things to do / Bronx History / Bronx Buzz NYC.


The Poe Cottage was erected in 1812. The small clapboard house is located in Poe Park where the Grand Concourse intersects with Kingsbridge Road in the Fordham neighborhood of the Bronx. The NY Parks Department, which in collaboration with the Bronx County Historical Society, runs the registered historic site - notes that it was a simple farmhouse built for laborers.

Edgar Allan Poe resided here during the last three years of his life. According to the NY Parks Department, the house was moved to its current location from where it had originally stood on Kingsbridge Road [about 450 feet south - near Valentine Avenue] when Poe lived in it.

Poe died in 1849 of causes unconfirmed as according to Wikipedia, his death certificate has been lost. There's a plaque in Boston denoting approximately where he was born, and a monument in Baltimore where he died and was buried. There's also an Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia - an area around which the author spent the majority of the formative years of his short life.

One of Poe's most famous works was The Raven, a poem published in 1845, less than a year before Poe moved into Poe Cottage. The Raven depicts a man struggling with a lost love, where Poe flexes his literary skills with cultural references and cadenced structure.

Another of Poe's most famous works, The Cask of Amontillado, was published in late 1846, after Poe had moved into the Bronx house. And The Bells, Poe's last poem, was written in 1849, the year of Poe's death. It is believed that the sound of the St. Johns College [Fordham University] Church bells could be heard at Poe Cottage after the church was built in 1845, and that the church bells were, in part, some of the inspiration for the poem. The Bronx County Historical Society website notes these two seminal works were penned in the bucolic setting of the Fordham neighborhood in the mid 19th century in the Bronx.

According to the Museum Register, it took a while for the City to take control of the place as an historical site. In 1902 it opened Poe Park and in 1913 it moved the Poe House to its current site. This year the weekend of October 14th and 15th, you can visit the Poe Cottage free as it is a participant in Open House New York, which is an historic site weekend.

Click here to read the rest of our story about Poe Cottage Museum in the Bronx.


Fordham University Rose Hill Campus in the Bronx

Fordham University Serves Approximately 15,000 Students

October 10, 2017 / Bronx Neighborhoods - Fordham / Bronx History / Bronx Colleges Universities Schools / Bronx Buzz NYC.


fordham university bronx history of fordham university in the bronxDuring my travels in the Bronx in the spring and summer of 2017 I could not help, but make a visit to Fordham University. According to Wikipedia Fordham University was originally founded as St. Johns College in 1841 and changed its name to Fordham University in 1907. Just a couple of years earlier, in 1904, they had begun both a graduate medical school and a graduate law school.

Wikipedia reports that Fordham University is the third oldest university in New York, and the oldest Catholic college / university in the northeast section of the United States. In 1969 the Board of Trustees was reorganized to include a majority of non clerical members, thus officially making Fordham University an independent institution.

Historically, Fordham has been known as a Jesuit school. The Fordham University website notes that their Rose Hill campus is comprised of 85 acres and that their ten schools - including the college, law school, medical school, business school, education & others] serves nearly 16,000 students. Of the total Fordham University student body, over 9,000 of the Fordham University students attend the college. As for locations, nearly 8,000 students attend Fordham University in the Bronx at their Rose Hill campus, while over 7,000 attend Fordham University at their Lincoln Center location. Fordham University also has a small outlet in Westchester County that serves about 500 students.

Fordham is a highly regarded school. According to U.S. News Fordham University is #60 in the ranking of 1600 colleges and universities in the U.S. That puts it in the top 4%, with high school counselors ranking them #42 and with their business program ranked #77. This kind of education doesn't come cheap as U.S. News noted that tuition and fees are pegged at $47,000 and room and board is estimated at $16,000.

Click here to read the rest of our report on the history of Fordham University in the Bronx neighborhood of Fordham and Belmont.


History of the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx

One of NYC's Finest Attractions Resides in Bronx Northern Neighborhoods

August 17, 2017 / Bronx Neighborhoods - Bedford Park & Norwood / Bronx Things to do / Bronx History / Bronx Buzz NYC.


ny botanical gardens bronx things to do bronxThe New York Botanical Gardens are located in the Bronx. While New York City has Botanical Gardens in three of its other boroughs [Queens, Brooklyn & Staten Island], only one - its best - bears the metropolitan city name. The botanical gardens in the other boroughs are competitive in their own right, but the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx is like few botanical gardens in the entire world.

Notable within the New York Botanical Gardens walls lie 50 acres of primordial landscape, largely kept intact from colonial and pre-colonial times. This tract of open landscape was once occupied by the Lenape Indians and is called the Thain Family Forest, named after the family that financed the preservation and enhancement of the forest, which has suffered many ravages since its inception.

The ravages to the primordial forest were first addressed in 1904 less than a decade after the site was dedicated to the NY Botanical Gardens. According to an NYT report the original footpaths led to the destruction of the hemlock grove, as the footpaths destroyed the shallow roots. In 1926 new hemlocks were planted, but in 1986 most of the hemlocks were destroyed when a hurricane blew in Asia beetles which destroyed most of the hemlocks that were left.

Also around 1904 a blight destroyed all but two of the original 1,500 chestnut trees. And Dutch elm disease wreaked havoc with the primordial forest elms. There were a number of other such intrusions, so the primordial forest is now a mix of old and new. A research paper provided by the NY Botanical Gardens outlined the work being done to mitigate aggressive intrusions into the forest over the past half decade or so.

Click here to read the rest of our report on the New York Botanical Gardens near the Bronx neighborhoods of Belmont, Bedford Park, Norwood and Fordham.

History of the Bronx Zoo in New York City

The Bronx Zoo is one of the Best City Zoos on the Planet

September 27, 2017 / Central Bronx Neighborhoods - Belmont / Bronx History / Bronx Things to do / Bronx Buzz NYC.

bronx zoo entrance photo bronx history of bronx zoo norwood fordham belmont bronx nycThe Bronx Zoo is, as the headline says, one of the best zoos in the world. It offers visitors a day of amazing discoveries and safe exploration of natural wild life. The Bronx Zoo stands on 250 acres of land that is cut through by the Bronx River. Inside are tall trees, a wide array of bird species, wild jungle animals shown in habitats resembling their origin, polar mammals, gorillas, snaky reptiles and as Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz would say, "Lions and tigers and bears ... Oh my!"

The Bronx Zoo is open from 10 am to 5 pm daily. They offer kids rides, a shuttle and select participation in the feedings. There are several public feedings scheduled daily including feeding the Sea Lions at 11 am and 3 pm, with the Penguins being fed at 3.30 pm. In addition they offer an assortment of programs for classes for school aged children and other groups.

The Bronx Zoo also offers a '4-D' theater where you can see real wildlife, a seasonal Asian monorail that takes you through a replicated Asian wildlife refuge, and seasonal camel rides. These are in addition to the feedings mentioned above.

There are four main entrances to the Bronx Zoo. The first is Gate A or the Asia Gate [Bug Carousel} located along the west side of the Bronx Zoo along toward Southern Blvd at about 183rd Street. The second is Gate B, is located off Boston Road, which you get to by heading south on Bronx Park East off the Pelham Parkway. This entrance is located along the east side of the zoo in the Pelham Parkway neighborhood. And the third is Gate C, which is located at the north end of the zoo - and home to the famous gates - along East Fordham Road between Southern Blvd between Bronx Park East. There's a fourth gate which is located off the parking area adjacent to the Gate B entrance, located on the south east area of the park.

The Bronx Zoo opened in 1899, a year after the City of New York allotted 250 acres to the New York Zoological Society to develop a zoo, to preserve native animals and promote an interest in Zoology. The Bronx Zoo opened as the New York Zoological Park.

A former Smithsonian employee who was a conservationist, zoologist, taxidermist and author, namely William Temple Hornaday, was signed on as the Director of the Bronx Zoo where he remained for the next 30 years. Hornaday was driven by the desire to build a world class zoological institution and by all accounts today, he appears to have succeeded.

Click here to read the rest of our report about the Bronx Zoo - things to do in the Bronx.


Fashion Show on the Hudson

Riverbank Park Fashion Show Highlights New & Known Clothing, Models & Designers

fashion on the hudson fashion show riverbank park nyc fashion on the hudson show nycAugust 1, 2017, Inwood Neighborhood / Manhattan Fashion & Designers / Manhattan Buzz NYC.

A couple of weeks ago I made my way to the 8th Annual Fashion on the Hudson fashion show at Riverbank Park at 679 Riverside Drive along the Hudson River in the Inwood neighborhood of upper Manhattan. It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon as I headed into the Cultural Building in the 28 acre park.

The audience filled the Cultural Building, so I had to move around to get some photos of the models who were in the process of displaying men's swimwear. The muscular male models, with washboard ribbed stomachs marched down the runway showing a range of swimming suits that ranged from modest white trunks, to skimpy speedo cuts with psychedelic designs. I surveyed the crowd and found a number of women who seemed appreciative of the new designs and cuts.

As I was tight on time, I decided to make my way backstage to talk to a few of the models and designers to learn a bit more about them. Backstage a number of models had queued up for the ongoing swimwear segment of the program, while deeper backstage a number of the formal wear models were prepping for their debut.

In the photo above right you can see members of the audience enjoying themselves at the Fashion on the Hudson fashion show at Riverbank Park in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan.

Fashion on the Hudson Showcases Local Designers & Models

nyc fashion shows fashion on the hudson photo of manhattan models nycFashion aficionado Daryl H. Miles, Founder of Beyond Styles by Miles, took a few minutes to talk to me about the show. He told me that Sofia Davis, editor of Fashion Avenue News, founded the show and that it has been produced at this location since its inception. At first Sofia held the show outside, but given the vagaries of the weather she decided to bring it in, where it has been ever since.

This year the show hosted 30 designers displaying swimwear, formal wear, casual wear and other stylish creations. The show is free to the public, but you must rsvp because seating is limited. The Fashion on the Hudson fashion show represents a great opportunity to see what's new and what's hot in the local NYC metro fashion world, and provides an opportunity for people interested in the business to meet models, designers and fashion buyers.

Daryl of Beyond Styles by Miles [ - not to be confused with] has been in the business for a number of years helping designers, models and fashion show organizers promote their fashion lines and brands.

I stayed a bit longer shooting photos of the models and lines before departing. And I'm looking forward to being able to spend more time covering the show next year.

In the photo above right you can see models who participated at the Fashion on the Hudson fashion show at Riverbank Park in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan.

Quite a Memorial Day Weekend in the Bronx

Good Weather, Cook outs Galore & Plenty of Things To Do

May 30, 2017 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Holidays in the Bronx / Opinion / Bronx Buzz NYC.

bronx neighborhoodsI spent a fair amount of time biking around the Bronx this weekend. I ventured as far east as the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum in the East Bronx across the waterway from Co-op City [Hutchinson River?], as far north as the Woodlawn Cemetary and Mosholu Golf Course by Norwood, as far west as the High Bridge [formerly an aqueduct] in Highbridge along the Harlem River and as far south as Barretto Point Park in Hunts Point. And overall I found traveling the borough to be good exercise and quite fascinating.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend I found more people cooking out than I've seen in any other borough over the past 30 years. People were relaxing, hanging out with their family and friends, and playing games with their kids.

Given it was Memorial Day Weekend, I stopped by the Woodlawn Cemetery to pay my respects to those who fought for the freedoms we currently enjoy. To be sure Freedom is a Right. But it's a right that had to be fought for and many died so that others might live. It seems our freedoms are under attack these days, so it's worth reminding folks of a few sayings that one of our Founding Fathers said.

Thomas Jefferson said that "Eternal vigilance is the price of democracy." and "A nation that expects to be ignorant and free is expecting something that never was and never shall be." and "were it left to me [Jefferson] to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter."

bronx st fairs in bronx neighborhoodsThere are those who seem to never be able to get enough for themselves, no matter what the cost by others. And these people, throughout all prior generations, and for generations to come, are constantly finding ways to hack our system of checks and balances so that they might get more and others get less - by simply changing the laws to work in their favor. Left unchecked, we will return to the misery of the past.

The first place to start is to make sure that you're not voting on soundbytes put out there by unreliable or very self-interested people. We've been running a series on billionaire Rupert Murdoch who over the past few decades bought and now controls Fox TV, the Wall Street Journal, the NY Post and the National Geographic. He appears to have taken these generally reliable brands and repurposed them to further his own interests, oftentimes at the expense of the American people. Scroll down to learn more.

Click here for stories about Bronx street fairs, Bronx farmers markets, and upcoming free summer theater in the Bronx and free summer concerts in the Bronx.

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Bronx Farmers Markets 2022

April 19, 2022 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Shops & Shopping / Bronx Buzz NYC.

See HOURS, MAPS, ITEMS / SELECTION of the 23 BEST Farmers Markets / Green Markets in Bronx, w/ savvy shoppers' tips. This report includes the Mott Haven Farmers Market, Concourse Green Market, Coop City Farmers Market, Fordham Manor Green Market, Parkchester Farmers Market, City Island Farmers Market, Hunts Point Farmers Market, Claremont Village farmers markets and in between.

Click here for dates, times, locations of the Bronx Farmers Markets.

1441 - add foto DSC07919

Bronx Street Fairs 2022 - In NYC

Bronx Street Fairs 2022 - Mott Haven, Fordham Heights, Mt Eden, Mt Hope, Morris Park, Riverdale, Hunts Point, Concourse, Middletown Pelham Bay, Morrisania, Norwood, Kingsbridge, Soundview, High Bridge, Throgs Neck, Westchester Square & Plenty More

September 16, 2022 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Shops & Shopping / Bronx Buzz NYC.

This is one of THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE BRONX STREET FAIRS including DATES, FOTOS & maps of most of the Bronx Street Fairs and Festivals in the NYC neighborhoods of Mott Haven, Fordham Heights, Riverdale, Hunts Point, Concourse, Middletown Pelham Bay, Morrisania, Norwood, Kingsbridge, Soundview, High Bridge, Throgs Neck, Westchester Square and plenty more.

Click here to view our report, including links to maps, of Bronx Street Fairs & Festivals 2022.

NYC Crime Continues To Drop, Breaking Records

Mayor de Blasio & NYPD Discuss City Safety & Ongoing Improvements

February 7, 2017 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Government / Bronx Buzz NYC.

public safety nyc crime rates queens crimeThis just came in on the heels of our coverage of the Public Safety discussion below. Mayor de Blasio and NY Police Commissioner O'Neill spoke in the Bronx regarding ongoing efforts and results in improving safety in the city. The following are some of the crime statistics noted in their meeting taken directly out of a press release sent by them.

Chief of Crime Control Strategies Dermot Shea, NYPD: Thank you, Mr. Mayor. Good afternoon, everyone. As you've heard, we have begun a strong start to 2017 in terms of overall crime reduction. Strategies that have been put in place to address repeat offenders, illegal gun possession and gangs are having the desired effect. We're building on the momentum of the last few years.

  • So, some of the highlights for crime statistics from this January - overall index crime is down 0.2 percent for the month of January. When you carry it over to this morning, we are now down 2.7 percent in overall index crime in New York City.
  • To note - with the overall index crime, January marks the tenth consecutive month of reduced index crime. That's the momentum we've been talking about. Currently, four out of five boroughs in New York City - all but Queens - are down to start the year.
  • Homicides - we recorded 20 homicides in January. That's down two from 22. That 20, as the Mayor alluded to, is the lowest January that we have ever recorded going back a minimum into the 1960s.
  • Shooting incidents - down 1.7 percent in January. Last January we hit the modern mark with 59 shooting incidents. We came in with 58 this January.
  • Talking about momentum again - nine of the last 13 months we've had a reduction in shooting incidents. Nine of the last 13.
  • Three months in a row we've had a reduction in shooting incidents in New York City. We have now, when you look at New York City as a whole, we now have 24-hour periods where we do not record a shooting incident in New York City. That kind of thinking was impossible in the not too distant past.
  • This is the new normal. We want to build on it and we feel that we will build on it but there's still plenty of work to do.
  • Stabbings and slashings for January - down 7.2 percent.
  • Robberies - down 7.5 percent. Lowest January robbery number we've seen.
  • Felony assaults in New York City - down 5.4 percent.
  • Burglaries tied the lowest mark set last year.
  • Transit crime - down 1.4 percent.
  • And housing crime - not to be outdone - down 1.9 percent.
  • Clearly, a wide breath of crime across New York City - property and violent crime, down.

    But there is, I alluded to, there is still work to do - three categories we saw increases in January.
  • Rape was up 8.9 percent.
  • Grand larceny, specifically, credit card related skimming and forging of checks - those two drove grand larcenies. And grand larceny was up for the month of January 4.7 percent.
  • And lastly, rounding out the crime totals - stolen vehicles which we have seen drop to unprecedented lows saw an increase of ten cars for January. So, that's 480 versus 470 - a two percent increase.

Commissioner O'Neill: Okay, thanks, Dermot. We'll take your questions.

Question: Do you think it's possible, really to keep driving crime down further at this point? And how could you achieve that?

O'Neill's response was yes, with some added context.

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East Bronx Neighborhoods - East Bronx News

East Bronx Neighborhood News in NYC

September 2018 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Buzz NYC.

This section includes stories about the history, culture, arts, restaurants, shops, real estate and politics in the East Bronx. The East Bronx includes City Island, Pelham Bay, Coop City, Parchester, Schuylerville, Throgs Neck, Eastchester, Edenwald, Country Club, Baychester, Pelham Parkway and Unionport.

Click here to view reports of the news in the East Bronx Neighborhoods in NYC.

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Bronx Things To Do This Weekend - Bronx NYC

August 2022 / Bronx NYC / Bronx Buzz NYC.

ONE OF THE MOST COMPLETE BRONX EVENTS CALENDARS contains notices of things to do in the Bronx borough of NYC including art exhibitions, films, theater, live music, comedy, dance, sports social events, classes, and restaurant reviews for Mott Haven, Fordham Heights, Riverdale, Hunts Point, Concourse, Middletown Pelham Bay, Morrisania, Norwood, Kingsbridge, Soundview, High Bridge, Throgs Neck, Westchester Square neighborhoods of Bronx NYC for August 2022.

Click here to view the Bronx Things To Do In Bronx this weekend during the month of August 2022.


Bronx Street Fairs & Festivals NYC

I. Bronx Street Fair Dates & Maps 2022

bronx street fairs bronx st fairs festivals bronxSeptember 16, 2022 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Shopping / Bronx Buzz NYC.

Bronx Street Fairs begin in April. We've compiled one of THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE SCHEDULE of BRONX street fairs including street fair TIMES & PHOTOS & maps, some street fair names & sponsors, and street fair maps to help you find your way around during the spring, summer and fall of 2022.

The New Bronx Street Fair Page is Organized



So to look through all of the Bronx street fairs for a given month, find the month and then scroll through each neighborhood.


*** Links to Street Fairs in All 5 Boros of NYC

Here are some links to Manhattan street fairs NYC, Queens street fairs NYC, Bronx street fairs NYC, Brooklyn street fairs NYC and Staten Island street fairs NYC. We'll add more as the summer progresses.


Bronx Street Fair Updates - 2022

The Bronx street fair dates that have been updated with 2022 designations reflect the current 2022 St Fair events.

ONLY ASTERISKED street fairs of 2022 have been UPDATED. The street fairs with 2018 / 2019 / 2021 years / dates reflect the information regarding that fair in a prior year.

UNCONFIRMEDS. The 'UNCONFIRMEDS' represent street fairs held in a prior year, which we believe are returning, but which we have not yet confirmed details for 2022.

UPDATES. The unasterisked street fairs of prior years and the UNCONFIRMEDS will be updated as new information comes in.

Also check our Bronx Events calendar and / or our Bronx Farmers Markets section for updates and other things to do.

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Bronx Farmers Markets 2022

April 19, 2022 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Shops & Shopping / Bronx Buzz NYC.

See HOURS, MAPS, ITEMS / SELECTION of the 23 BEST Farmers Markets / Green Markets in Bronx, w/ savvy shoppers' tips. This report includes the Mott Haven Farmers Market, Concourse Green Market, Coop City Farmers Market, Fordham Manor Green Market, Parkchester Farmers Market, City Island Farmers Market, Hunts Point Farmers Market, Claremont Village farmers markets and in between.

Click here for dates, times, locations of the Bronx Farmers Markets.

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Bronx Shopping & Shops - BronxNYC

Shopping & Shops in the Bronx in NYC

May 2022 / Shops & Shopping NYC / Bronx Buzz NYC.

This section includes stories about many of the interesting shops in the Bronx.

Click here to go to the Bronx Shops & Shopping section of the site.

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Bronx Restaurants - Bronx NYC

Cafes, Bars, Diners & Restaurants in the Bronx NYC

May 2022 / Bronx Neighborhoods / Bronx Restaurants / Bronx Buzz NYC.

This section includes reviews of Bronx restaurants.

Click here to view the Bronx Restaurants NYC section including reviews of the restaurants in the Bronx NYC.

Central Bronx Neighborhoods - Central Bronx News

Central Bronx Neighborhood News & Related Info

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Click here for nearby Central Bronx Neighborhoods / nearby East Bronx Neighborhoods / North & West Bronx Neighborhoods.

Bronx Neighborhoods - Bronx News NYC

Bronx Neighborhoods - Bronx NYC Related Info

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